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Frogs - Yr 1

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There are 25 fantastic frogs in Frog Class taught by Mrs Parkes and supported by Mrs Sewell and Miss Dery. Please have a look around our website page and discover some of the exciting learning we have been doing! 

Important Dates

Phonics Screening Check - Week Beginning Monday 12th June

Sports Day - Friday 7th July

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Wednesday 12th July   

School Disco - Thursday 13th July

School Reports - Friday 14th July

Last Day of Term - Tuesday 25th July


Sports Day 2017

Sports Day 2017 1
Sports Day 2017 2
Sports Day 2017 3
Sports Day 2017 4
Sports Day 2017 5
Sports Day 2017 6

Race for Life 2017

Race for Life 2017 1
Race for Life 2017 2
Race for Life 2017 3

Paws, Claws and Whiskers  

'Soft fur, sharp claws and twitching whiskers... What's your favourite animal? From pets at home to animals in the zoo, lets find out what animals like to eat and where they like to sleep. Do you know how to look after a cat, a rabbit or even a snake? Find out how the elephant got his trunk and how the rhino got its leathery skin.'  

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We read the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea and then wrote a past tense retelling. We also designed and then made our own tins of tiger food. We did find it a bit difficult to cut out the cylinder templates but we tried our very best!  

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea 1
The Tiger Who Came to Tea 2
The Tiger Who Came to Tea 3

Rio de Vida 

'Hot, hot, hot! Dancing feet, lets dance to the samba beat! Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air. Come join the party down in Rio! Bright colours, patterns and feathers!'

Brazilian Carnival

To end our topic we invited our friends and family to our fantastic carnival. We wore our costumes, danced and played our musical instruments. We then shared our learning by reading out facts, sharing pictures and singing some of our own songs.  

Brazil Carnival

Brazil Carnival  1
Brazil Carnival  2
Brazil Carnival  3

Musical Instruments

This week we looked at different musical instruments in preparation for our Brazilian carnival. We then designed our own instruments and made them from recycled materials.

Musical Instruments

Olympic Games

What do you know about the Olympic games?

Olympic Games

Olympic Games 1
Olympic Games 2
Olympic Games 3

Brazilian Mythical Creatures

This week we learnt all about different Brazilian mythical creatures. Some of the creatures were good and some of them were evil! At the end of the week we designed our own mythical creatures.

Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures 1
Mythical Creatures 2
Mythical Creatures 3

Amazon Rainforest

This week have been learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. As part of our work we made 2 different sorts of parrots. For the first we painted our hands and used the prints as parrot wings and for the second we used paper plates and feathers.

Amazon Rainforest and Parrots

Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  1
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  2
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  3
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  4
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  5
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  6
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  7
Amazon Rainforest and Parrots  8

Brazilian Carrot Cake

On Monday 24th April we made Brazilian carrot cake. This cake is different to traditional carrot cake eaten in this country because it contains no spices or cream cheese icing on the top.

Brazilian Carrot Cake

Half Term Homework Project

Our new topic is ‘Rio de Vida’ which is all about Brazil and Rio. For homework we would like you to find out about Brazil and Rio. You could find out about the flag, the landscape, the music, the wildlife, the weather, the carnivals, the football etc. We would like you to present your information in a range of exciting ways including posters, pictures, models, collages etc.

The Enchanted Woodland

'If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a BIG surprise! Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls in the swaying tree tops. Beneath the leaves are tiny footprints… animal or imp? Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to its tree? Can you match a petal to its flower? '

Easter Craft Afternoon

Thank you to all the adults that came to Easter Craft Afternoon (Tuesday 28th March). A lovely time was had by all!

Easter Craft Afternoon

Trip to Belton House

Wow! What a great time Year 1 had at Belton House on Monday 27th March. In the morning we had a walk around the grounds including the lake. As we walked we spotted different types of trees and flowers. In the afternoon we had great fun on the adventure play area. We even got chance to ride on the miniature train.

Comic Relief

(Red Nose Day)

Thank you to all the children in Year 1 donated money for Comic Relief. Your costumes were fantastic!  

Fun in Maths

This week we have been developing our measuring skills linked to capacity and volume. We were set the exciting task of making a witches brew. Our brew had ingredients such as children's teeth, earthworms, juice from a squashed frog, blood from a vampire bat and liquidised bones. 

Witches Brew

Rabbit Week

This week we have been learning all about rabbits. On Monday we had a visit from 2 very lovely rabbits. We were able to ask lots of questions about how to look after them. On Tuesday we read the book ' If you choose me Rabbit' and found out even more information about looking after a rabbit. At the end of the week we then wrote our own information booklets about rabbits and sketched and painted images of rabbits.

Tree Week

This week we have been focusing on trees. We have learnt all about evergreen and deciduous trees. We learnt that evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round but deciduous trees loose their leaves in autumn and winter. We explored the school site during the week looking for examples of evergreen and deciduous trees. We then produced bark rubbings and carried out a survey. We found out that the school grounds has more deciduous trees. 

Evergreen and Deciduous Trees

World Book Day

We all looked fantastic in our costumes on World Book Day. We also went on a Where's Wally hunt around school. We were very good at spotting the Where's Wally images. Some were much easier than others to find!

World Book Day

Topic WOW!

On Tuesday afternoon we  went on a fairy hunt around the school grounds. We had to be very quite so as not to scare any of the fairies. We found 4 different fairy doors!

Fairy Hunt

Half Term Homework Project

Our topic next term is ‘The Enchanted Woodland’. As part of this topic we will be leaning all about different flowers and trees. During the half term holiday we would like you to go on a woodland walk. What did you find? We would like you to make a collage of things you found. You could take lots of photographs on your walk and use them to make a collage or collect things and turn them into a picture collage.

Bright Lights, Big City



'Put on your best outfit because you're invited to have tea with the Queen. What do you know about England's capital city? Let's find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks. Step back in time and discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start? How did it end? Create a model of the bakery on Pudding Lane and then burn it to the ground to recreate the Great Fire. Stand well back. London's burning! London's burning! Fire, fire! Fire, fire!'   

Bread Making

As part of out topic on The Great Fire of London we made bread rolls. We worked in small groups to measure out and mix the different ingredients. We the kneaded the dough before shaping them into rolls and baking. the rolls tasted very nice!

Bread Making


On Friday 13th January we had our fingers and toes crossed for snow. Unfortunately we didn't get the  chance to play in any snow but we were still able to learn all about Winter. Take a look at our Winter poems, writing and snowmen crafts.


Winter 1


This week we have been learning all about maps. We used the atlas to help us learn about the United Kingdom. We found out about the different countries within the UK, the capital cities and also the different seas and oceans. We then learnt about London. We used different maps to help us locate a range of landmarks and buildings. During Maths we learnt the language of position and direction and used these skills when travelling around our maps of London!

Map Work

Map Work 1
Map Work 2


As part of our work on Queen Elizabeth 11 we produced different collages. First we made collages all about her life using different photographs. We then made collages of a crown, The Queen and the Union Jack using 1st and 2nd class stamps.


Collages 1
Collages 2
Collages 3

Tea with Queen Elizabeth II

On Wednesday 4th January we had the opportunity of a life time, we got to have afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth II. We all came dressed in our best clothes. The girls wore their best dresses and the boys their best shirts and trousers. Before the Queen arrived we learnt how to bow and curtsey. We also learnt that we were only aloud to talk to the Queen if she spoke to us first and that the Queen was not to be touched! Our afternoon tea consisted of jam and cream cheese sandwiches (no crusts), crisps, cake and juice from a cup and saucer. We had the most amazing time!

Tea with the Queen

Tea with the Queen 1
Tea with the Queen 2
Tea with the Queen 3

Christmas Fun

What an action packed last week of term we had! We took part in the Foundation and KS1 nativity, made Christmas cards and calendars, had our Christmas party, wore our fantastic jumpers, walked to church and then had a photo taken with Santa.

Christmas Fun!

Christmas Fun! 1
Christmas Fun! 2

Moon Zoom


'Would you like to be an astronaut? Well you will need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. How many planets are there? Mercury, Neptune, Mars and… do you know the rest?’ 


We read the story 'Beegu' this week about a character who got stranded on Earth. While waiting to be rescued she failed to make many friends until she discovered a group of fantastic little companions. After reading the story we created our own Beegu using paint, crayons, play dough and Lego.

Christmas Craft Afternoon

Wow, what a fantastic time we had during Christmas Craft afternoon. A big thank you to all the family and friends that came and joined in the fun. We had a lovely time making angels, reindeers and trees.

Christmas Craft Afternoon

The Christmas Story

As part of our RE work we completed work on the Christian Christmas story. We shared our understanding of the story before reading a version on the computer. We then used the construction materials such as bricks and Lego to create a stable before adding different characters.



Stable 1
Stable 2
Stable 3

Sorting Materials

Today an alien landed in the classroom and left lots of different objects all over our tables. We had to sort the objects based on the materials they were made from. We sorted them into 6 groups including wood, plastic, metal, fabric, glass and paper. We then wrote our own labels before extending our learning to look at objects made from more than one material. We were able to produce a Venn Diagram to help us sort objects made from metal, plastic and both materials. We even took our learning outside and explored the school grounds, to find more material examples.

Sorting Materials

Children and Need

On Friday 18th November we all dressed in spots to raise money for Children in Need.

Children in Need

Children in Need 1

Space and the Planets

This week we have been learning all about the different planets. We watched video clips and read different books. Take a look at our amazing art work. We drew the different planets and then coloured them in using chalk.

Space Art

Autumn Week

This week we spent our learning time focusing on seasonal changes. We focused on Autumn and went on a walk around Balderton Lake and the school field. We collected lots of examples of Autumn including leaves, acorns and pinecones. Back in the classroom we made Autumn pictures from the materials we collected on our walk. We also painted Autumn trees using our fingers.


Foundation and KS1 had a visit from Sunita. We learnt all about Diwali during our assembly including the story of Rama and Sita.


Diwali 1

Bonfire Week

This week we spent our learning time finding out all about Bonfire Night. We learnt about Guy Forks in History, wrote firework poems in English and created rockets and chalk pictures in Art.

Bonfire Art

Bonfire Art 1
Bonfire Art 2
Bonfire Art 3
Bonfire Art 4
Bonfire Art 5
Bonfire Art 6
Bonfire Art 7
Bonfire Art 8

 Fantastic Frog Class

Huge congratulations must go to Frog Class for having the highest attendance across school and the tidiest classroom in KS1 during the last week of Autumn Term 1!

Fantastic Frog Class

Fantastic Frog Class 1
Fantastic Frog Class 2

Dinosaur Planet

   Image result for dinosaur clipart 


‘Stomp, crash, RRRAGH! Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl! They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth. Let’s explore the dinosaur planet. Imagine you’re a palaeontologist (a scientist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and explore dazzling dinosaur facts. Which is your favourite dinosaur? The Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Brachiosaurus?’

Recycled Dinosaurs

 To conclude 'Dinosaur Planet' topic we made our own dinosaurs from recycled materials. We brought lots of recycling in from home and then worked together to make our models. We joined the different body parts using tape, split pins and tags. We had a great time even though it was a little bit tricky at times!

Recycled Dinosaurs

Missing Dinosaur

On Tuesday we discovered that one of out toy T-Rex dinosaurs had come to life and disappeared. Luckily the site manager was able to video the dinosaur on her phone just before it left the classroom. This meant that  we were able to identify which dinosaur had gone missing. We then explored the school grounds looking evidence of the dinosaur. We found a broken fence, footprints and left over fruit! We decided to make 'missing' posters to advertise our lost dinosaur. We displayed the posters around school and down London Road. On Friday we received a package from a member of the public containing a letter and our toy T-Rex. The letter explained that the lady had spotted our T-Rex trying to eat the ducks on Balderton Lake. But as the T-Rex ran into the water he changed back into a toy. Luckily she was able to post our T-Rex back to school!  

Missing / Lost Posters

Fossil Making

On Thursday 13th October we used the clay to make our own dinosaur fossils. We had to roll the clay out before pressing down the bones.

Making Fossils

Superheroes and Villains

On Friday 30th September we dressed up as superheros and villains to help raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and QMC Hospital in Nottingham. We made cakes at home with our parents and then brought them into school to sell in Year 1.  

Superheroes and Villains

Superheroes and Villains 1

Mary Anning

Year 1 were visited by Mary Anning on Thursday 29th September. She was a palaeontologist who hunted for fossils many years ago. She told us all about how she became famous through the amazing dinosaur discoveries she made as a child.

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

We had great fun painting our paper plates and then turning them into different types of dinosaurs. We even used split pins to make the legs, tails and heads move. 

Paper Plate Dinosaurs



We got the chance to examine some real fossils before using chalk, pastels and pencils to draw them.


Fossils  1
Fossils  2
Fossils  3
Fossils  4

Congratulations to Lola for being voted Frog Class School Councillor and Harvey for being voted our Deputy School Councillor. We know you will both do a fantastic job!    

Frog Class School Council Members

Frog Class School Council Members  1
Frog Class School Council Members  2


Image result for roald dahl day

On Tuesday 13th September we celebrated the 100th Birthday of Roald Dahl. In Year 1 we studied the story 'The Enormous Crocodile.' We read the story and then completed Maths, English and Art activities linked to the book. We ordered different sized crocodiles, sequenced story pictures and then made paper folded crocodiles.


The Enormous Crocodile grinned, showing hundreds of sharp white teeth.

"For my lunch today," he said, "I would like a nice juicy little child."


Dinosaur Hunt

On Friday 9th September we went on a dinosaur hunt around school. We found 9 different dinosaurs hidden on the KS1 playground. We also followed 24 dinosaur footprints which lead us to lots of hidden dinosaurs. We has lots of fun!

Dinosaur Hunt


Image result for tennis clipart

PE is on a Monday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor). Pease make sure your PE kit is in school all week!


Summer Letter

Spring Letter

Year 1 Autumn Term Letter