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Grey Squirrels - Yr 6

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Welcome to Year 6. The teaching staff consists of Miss Devlin, Mrs Martin and Mrs Howes. We are supported by our fantastic teaching assistant Mrs Chapman.

The are 27 children in the Grey Squirrels class, taught by Miss Devlin.

Our door is always open and we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns you have. At the end of the school day is probably the best time to catch us, as the mornings do tend to be a little hectic! However, if it is vital  information that you need to pass on for the day ahead then do not hesitate to grab one of us.


PE sessions are on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Children will be required to have the following kit for all sessions; black shorts, white t-shirt, trainers and tracksuit bottoms for the cooler months. Ideally the children need to bring their kit to school on a Monday and keep it here until the end of the week.

We encourage children to have a water bottle in school at all times but this is especially important for these sessions.  

Children who have an asthma inhaler in school will need to become responsible for this and take it with them to all PE sessions. They will always be kept in a central, safe and accessible place in the classroom during class based sessions.


Darwin Rocks


Wow! We smashed it!

Our joint production with Year 5 was an outstanding success. The children had literally two weeks to learn, rehearse and perform the show and they were amazing. The songs, acting, costumes, sound technicians were out of this world. Well done to everyone. The staff are so incredibly proud of you all. What a way to end the year.

More photos to follow!

Please see below a lovely letter we received after the production.

Dare Graduation

All the children successfully completed the Dare course this term. Congratulations!

 Reading the parents and children's feedback forms at the end of the course , it was clear to see how useful the sessions have been.

We hope that when they move onto secondary school, the children will feel more confident about their choices and decisions in life.

Charles Darwin

As a boy, Darwin was known for filling his pockets with stones, bits of plant and even live bugs while he was exploring the countryside. He continued collecting on his HMS Beagle voyages, filling the ship with thousands of specimens.

We took a walk onto the field- just like Darwin - and filled our tubs and pooter pots with all sorts of insects. We then came back and observed and sketched our creatures.

Successful SATs breakfast club!

Wow! Nearly a 'full house' so far the last two mornings! The children are really making the most of the free breakfast club this week and have been so cheerful and well behaved! 

The English tests are done, just Maths to go now! Well done to all.

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Sats Breakfast Club

Please see the letter below that was sent out with your child tonight, regarding the free breakfast club which runs during SATS week. 

We would to take this opportunity to say how very proud we are of you all. You have worked your 'socks off' and really do deserve to do well. 

Good luck - we think you're brilliant!

SATS Breakfast Club letter

Evacuation Experience

To begin our World War Two topic this term, we imagined how it would feel to be told you were being evacuated.

We were lined up ready to come in after lunch and the teachers came and called out our names.We were given evacuation labels that had our names and addresses on and told us where we were going. We weren't with our friendship groups and were mixed up with the other classes. It was a bit daunting.

We then had to go inside and collect a variety of objects to fill our boxes in three minutes. We had to find vests, pants, towels,flannels etc.  It was a real rush!

Afterwards we talked about our emotions and learnt about what it was like for evacuees during the Second World War.

We had mixed emotions - panic, confusion, fear and some of us thought we were in trouble!! 

We are looking forward to learning more.

Heart Models

We looked at diagrams of the heart and made our own plasticine 3D models.

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It has been really interesting learning about the conflict that continues in Syria. We now have a far greater understanding of why this conflict started, who ISIS are and how and why refugees had to flee their country.

We have had a lot of interesting debates and watched informative news clips keeping us up to date with what's happening.

Gadget genius

Our class book StormBreaker by Anthony Horowitz has kept us all enthralled so far. It is an action packed book full of suspense and twists and turns. It has been a brilliant stimulus for our writing.

We have written diary entries,  descriptive settings, character portraits, predicting and writing the next chapter 'Horowitz style', non chronological reports and designed gadgets for a teenage spy and presented them as if we were on Dragon's Den! 

The story continues, watch this space.....

Heart stopping investigation!

What an exciting start we had to our new Science topic investigating the heart.

Mrs Howes bought in some real sheep's hearts for us to look at and dissect.

First we looked at the shape and size of the heart. Then Mrs Howes cut it in half to show us the atrium and ventricle. We had a go at dissecting the heart ourselves and put our fingers in to feel the aorta and the different chambers. We were surprised how heavy it was.

We then worked in pairs to piece together the different parts of a model heart.

Some of us loved it and thought it was a brilliant experience, others were a bit squeamish and certainly didn't want to touch it!

Welcome back!

Happy New Year to everyone- we hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

We would like to say a very big thank you for the gifts we received at the end of term- they were greatly appreciated!

As you can see from our newsletter, this is going to be a very busy term!


Year 6 visit the pantomime!

This year it was our turn to visit the pantomime at Newark Palace Theatre. 

Jack and the Beanstalk was action packed. There was a huge beanstalk and an even bigger giant to entertain us!

It was very exciting watching Jack climb up into the giant's lair to rescue Princess Tamara. 

Pippa ( our very own Year 6 superstar !) was fantastic in the junior chorus and we were really proud of her. A great afternoon.

Christmas Craft Afternoon

As usual, we had lots of fun during our craft afternoon and it was so lovely to welcome Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Nanas and Grandads into our classrooms! We loved being creative and working with our friends and adults.

Sunita visits again.

It's always so much fun when Sunita visits. The next few days, children will have the experience to dress up in traditional Indian Folk clothing and participate in Bollywood style dancing. Some children will creating beautiful chalk rangoli patterns.

Today, Sunita told us today about her beliefs, so that we could have an insight into Hindu worship and some of the many Gods. We also learnt about karma and reincarnation.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Introducing Mexico!

Hola Mexico! Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun- packed festivals.

Discover the mysterious world of the ancient Maya civilisation. Make their chocolate, concoct a fruit cocktail or sample some traditional food  - get ready  its spicy!

Feel like celebrating? Design a flute, grab a drum, join a tribe and make some noise! Have you got what it takes to be chief? Let's find out!


Ponchos, sombreros and maracas! 

Well our introduction to Mexico started with something different this morning! 

We played some mexican music and asked the children to respond how they wanted to. Lots of the children spontaneously danced and we even had some mexican waving! 

The teachers then emerged wearing huge sombreros, ponchos and danced around the classroom. The children's reactions were priceless! 


After this experience, they wrote a postcard to a friend telling them all about their feelings. Here is what some of them said:

" Bizarre teachers came marching into the classroom wearing sombreros, ponchos and shaking maracas. It made me feel groovy!"

" It was funny but at the same time.....a bit embarrassing!"

" I looked around the room and everyone was dancing, so I started dancing too!"

" It was exciting and made everyone feel really happy!"


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

We have come to the end of our Ancient Greece topic. We have thoroughly enjoyed following Percy Jackson's quest to catch the thief who has stolen Zeus's lightning bolt. Along the way he has had to battle against a whole host of mythological enemies.

The book has really inspired us to write in lots of different ways.

We have written descriptive settings, designed instructions to navigate our way round our own 'Camp Half Blood', created detailed portraits of Medusa, practised role playing and then writing dialogue between the characters, written newspaper reports and lots more! It has been a brilliant stimulus!

On the last day of term we really enjoyed watching the film from beginning to end.


Roll on next term, where we kick off with a brand new topic 'Hola Mexico'

The Gambia

During the year group assembly, Mrs Martin showed us some photos of her week teaching in The Gambia. We looked at their school and playground and learnt about their daily life.

Our school has already set up links with the school there. We have donated books from our old library and chairs and tables from KS1 department when it was refurbished.  Mrs Morgan  (the Director of New Life Children's Centres) has managed to fill a forty foot container and is out there delivering it at the moment.

We have written to the children in their Year 6 class and Mrs Morgan has sent us these photos of the children hard at work writing a reply. 

Picture 1
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Picture 3

Superstars in the making!

We are really proud to announce that two of our Year 6 pupils have been selected to star in shows at the theatre.


Matthew Haynes will be starring in The Newark Amateur Operatic Society's production of 'Oliver'

Matthew impressed the judges with the amount of enthusiasm he put into his audition. He will be playing the role of a workhouse lad!

Pippa Catt also impressed judges at her audition for the Palace Theatre's pantomime- 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' She will be starring in the Junior Dance Chorus. We are hoping to catch her on one of our visits to the pantomime this year. 

Congratulations to you both and the best of luck in your forthcoming rehearsals.

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Reading Miles Global Challenge.

To promote and encourage reading in Year 6, we are taking part in 'read your way round the world' challenge! 

Ten minutes reading = 500 reading miles. This can be recorded in the child's reading passport. 

On their journey round the world, the children will visit New York, Athens,  Kenya, Sydney and other exotic locations.

I wonder who will be the first to reach home on their journey?

Please support your child by encouraging them to read each night and sign their homework diary. Many thanks.

Key Stage 1 assembly 

As part of our new reward system we award our special certificates on Friday under different themes. 

  • Captain Respectful
  • Captain Resourceful
  • Captain Reflective
  • Captain Resilience


As these are new to the school, Isabella, Caitlin and Pippa volunteered to explain the first of our captains to the little ones. They took the assembly on Monday and did a brilliant job! 

They explained what being respectful means to the children, gave examples and confidently asked for their opinions.

What excellent role models you were. Well done girls.

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Year 6 Autumn newsletter