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Hedgehogs - F1

animated-hedgehog-image-0020Welcome to Hedgehogs Class!animated-hedgehog-image-0020


We are the hedgehogs!

Happily led by Mrs Good and Mrs Anstey.  Mrs Rayns will join us on a Thursday.


    What are we learning?

   We follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum.

In Foundation 1, we focus on the Prime Areas of Learning.

We are finding out about ourselves, how we feel and how others may feel.

We are learning how to talk to others, be friendly and play


We are actively exploring the world around us!!


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

    Our Long Term Learning Plan

Terms and Topics


Autumn Term 2016

Why do you love me so much?

Why do leaves go crispy?


Bonfire Celebration

Is it shiny?

Nativity and Christmas


Spring Term 2017


Did dragons exist?

How does that building stay up?

Are eggs alive?

Spring and Easter


Summer Term 2017

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

Can we explore it?


How many pebbles on the beach?

How high can I jump?

   First Days

  Our new children have started their school careers this week!

  They have loved making new friends and are settling in really quickly. We have a wonderful group of children and we are really looking forward to working with them all this year.



     Our Family Project

Make a hedgehog to join our gang!

   This term, our family project is making a hedgehog. These hedgehogs can be any size and made from absolutely anything.

Look at all the wonderful hedgehogs that our children have made with their special family members.


   TEDDY BEARS PICNIC - Friday 16th September 2016


                What a wonderful time we had !

We couldn't get to the 'woods' for our picnic as rain stopped play but our teddies had a great time meeting our new friends and munching on the picnic food!


 Thank you for all the lovely food you donated to our special new friends picnic.






Our New Friends Teddy Bears Picnic

       Super Heros and Villains

           Today we dressed up as super heros and villains to help raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and QMC Hospital in Nottingham, who have looked after one of our school friends.  We brought cakes to share with everyone!



   A huge THANK YOU  for dressing up everyone and all your generous donations.

So far, we have raise £640 .

That is amazing !

The Tidiest Class in Foundation and Key Stage 1

The Tidiest Class in Foundation and Key Stage 1 1

Why do leaves go crispy?

   We have been out and about collecting treasures from Nature!  We collected lots of Autumn treasures from around our school. There are leaves of every colour and shape! We have been sorting them by colour, shape and size.

Underneath some of the trees we even found Autumn fruits. When we were investigating them, we used lots of new words to describe them to each other.


Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn

Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 1
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 2
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 3
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 4
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 5
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 6
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 7
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 8
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 9
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 10
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 11
Investigating Natures Treasures in Autumn 12

   Did  you know that leaves have veins like us and  conkers have shells like snails?

Searching for Nature's Treasures!

Half-term Homework.

Sharing Success in Foundation 1 at John Hunt Primary School


heartheartheartWe would love to know about all the wonderful things your children do at home. All children are coming home with a heart shaped piece of paper for you to write their achievements at home on, over the holidays. Successes such as getting themselves dressed, putting their coats on independently, writing their name or completing a jigsaw. There will be many more!


We will share these with our groups and praise your child. These will then be on show,

hanging from the Achievement Celebration Learning Tree in Foundation.


Thank you for your support




     Are you ready for the new half term? 


       The John Hunt Foundation Stage Coat Challenge



  Can you put your coat on by yourself?

Can you do it up without help?


               If you can, your name will go on the Cloakroom Teddy and you will get a special  certificate to celebrate!










      animated-winter-image-0025Winter Weather

         Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for the cold weather and that all clothing is named. We will go outside to work and play even when it is freezing!



If there is very severe weather in Balderton the school may have to close. Please check this website or listen to the local radio stations for an update  -  BBC Radio Nottingham or Lincs FM.


Autumn 2 Diary Dates

       Wednesday 16th Nov - Individual Photographs

       Friday 18th Nov- Children in Need Day

       Tuesday 6th Dec - Christmas Craft Day

       Wed 7th Dec - BINGO evening

       Tues 13th and Fri 16th Dec - Morning Foundation 1

       Christmas  Performance

       Wed 14th and Thurs 15th Dec - Afternoon Foundation 1

       Christmas Performance

       Fri 16th Dec - Christmas Coffee Morning

       Tues 20th Dec - Last day of term.







     Christmas Production 2016  animated-crib-and-manger-image-0030

   Foundation 1 children will be starring as

'Stable Animals' in our forthcoming

Nativity Performance!

Please could you provide a suitable costume for the show?  We would like the children to dress as any animal which would have been in the stable in Bethlehem on the night which baby Jesus was born. Costumes can be either bought or home made. Please send them into school in a named carrier bag by the 6th December. Any problems please come in and chat to a member of staff for ideas!!


      Bonfire Celebration Party     animated-fire-image-0292

         On Friday 4th November the Foundation children will be having a Bonfire Celebration

We will be learning about the celebration of Bonfire  Night and how to keep everyone safe.

         We will be building a bonfire from sticks we gather from our school field.      Mushy peas and hot dogs will be washed down with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

We will sing camp fire songs together and describe the experiences using

         our senses!! 

Image result for moving clip art hot chocolate

   Our Bonfire Celebration Party!



   Bonfire Celebration Party Photographs to follow...



        Children in Need at JOhn Hunt Primary  School

             We have raised over £650!

  Thank you to each and every one of you x



         Our new topic -

           Is it Shiny?  

starts next week!

     Please send in any shiny items for us to explore. We are  building a ' Shiny Station 'in Foundation 1 and need objects such as old cutlery, mirrors, foil, sweet papers, torches, sparkles, old metal pots and pans and especially jewels!












             Christmas Crafts in Foundation 1

  Please come and join us in Foundation 1 on Tuesday 6th December for glue and glitter!

Morning session - 10am

Afternoon session - 2pm



  We have lots of exciting times and experiences planned for the Spring Term.

Over the next week, we have new friends joining our Hedgehog Team.

Please check out our Spring Newsletter.


     Tapestry Learning Journeys.

 We will be launching our new on-line Learning Journeys in the next few weeks called - TAPESTRY!


     Thank you to 'The Turquoise Teapot' for sponsoring our new puddle suits. We can now jump in the puddles and play in the mud, whatever the weather!! 



  Gingerbread Man- We are starting our work based around the traditional story of The Gingerbread Man, this term. On Friday, 13th January, Mr Gant from Simply EleGant Cakes is coming to bake gingerbread men with us!!


Yum, Yum, as fast as you can. You can't eat me, I am the gingerbread man!

Image result for gingerbread man moving clip art

    Thank you Mr Gant for coming to cook with us and create our gingerbread men. We can't wait to do some more baking at Eastertime with you!



          Read, Write Inc.

Information and Support Material.

We are learning how to read and write using -The Read, Write Inc. Phonics Programme.

   Take a look in the briefcase below for information, support and ideas to help your child at home.


Read, Write Inc

Learning to read is the most important thing your child will learn at school. Everything else depends on it, so we strive to do all we can to ensure that every single child learns to read as quickly as possible.

We want your child to love reading and to want to read for themselves. At John Hunt, we want children to develop a love of books as well as simply learning how to read.


What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc is a comprehensive synthetic phonics programme that teaches reading, writing and spelling. The programme is designed for children aged 4-7, but can be used as an intervention program for children in Key Stage 2.

The children start by learning 44 speed sounds and how to sound blend for reading. At the same time, they develop skills for handwriting and spelling. Through lively story books that contain words that the children can decode, the children progress to read and achieve early success.


How is it taught?

 In main school, Read Write Inc is taught every day, and children are streamed into groups according to ability. Children are assessed every half term and groups are revised accordingly. Where children do not make the expected progress within a group, they receive 1-1 tuition. In Foundation 1, we begin by introducing our children to initial letters and sounds.

  You can really help and give your child a 'head start' by supporting them to help ensure they say the sounds we need to make when we see letters correctly. This is ESSENTIAL to ensure your child develops the correct pronunciation for each letter sound. Click on this link to see a child demonstrate this and use this with your child to support these foundations for early reading, writing and spelling.

        Sound pronunciation guide



Fred talk

Your child will be encouraged to sound out words that they cannot read. We call this “Fred Talk”. Fred is a frog that joins the children in every session and he can only talk in sounds!

c-a-t = cat

sh-o-p= shop

n-igh-t= night


Fred Fingers

In main school, Fred Fingers are used for spelling. Children hold up the hand that they do not write with. They sound out the word they are spelling and put up the correct number of fingers for the word.

For example: m-ee-t = 3 sounds = 3 fingers.

  • Ask your child how many sounds they can hear in the word “meet”
  • Ask your child to put up their Fred Fingers (there should be three)
  • Using the hand that your child writes with, they pinch the first finger and say the first sound in the word ‘m’
  • Pinch the middle finger and say ‘ee’
  • Pinch the last finger and say ‘t’
  • Fingers are pinched left to right, as we would read.


Phonic screening test

Children complete a phonic screening test in Year 1. If the children do not achieve the pass mark in Year 1, they will be retested in Year 2.

During the test, children are asked to decode both real and nonsense words.

Read Write Inc fully prepares children for this test, including the ‘nonsense words’ that we call ‘alien words’. Asking children to read these alien words requires the children to demonstrate their decoding skills.


What can I do to help my child at home?

Reading at home

ü Read anything and everything! Road signs, menus, cereal boxes, logos, food packets, recipes etc

ü Listen to your child read – at least 3 times every week if possible.

ü Read books to your child that they cannot read for themselves

ü Enjoy a bedtime story together every night, no matter how old or capable they are!

ü Enjoy spending time at the library


Questions to ask when reading with your child:

Ø What is the character saying?

Ø What is the character thinking?

Ø What do you think will happen next?

Ø Why do you think the character did that?

Ø How do you think they feel?

Ø What is happening?


Click on the links below to access some really useful videos to help you understand how

Read, Write Inc works



  • Storytime at home Storytime at home: an essential part of your child's reading journey.

For more information, please follow the link to the Ruth Miskin website:


     Spring 2 in Foundation 1.

 Welcome back. We have a busy half term planned for you all!

  Please read our newsletter to find out what we will be up to !




 Thank you Elegant for decorating our special Birthday cake for celebrating with our friends.

It is beautiful.

       Easter Bonnet Parade.

  Some children have already been busy creating their Easter bonnets ready for our special parade at the end of term.


      Fluffy chicks are on their way...

  Today we are all very excited as a lady called Jane delivered an incubator to us with 14 eggs in.

We are watching very carefully and hoping that they will hatch very, very soon!

We are finding out all about Spring and the changes that happen.




Please come dressed up and bring a £1.

We are helping to raise money for others who are not as fortunate as we are, by having fun!