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Kingfishers - Yr4

poopy birdWelcome to Kingfisher Class! 


We are a gang of keen, hard working kids that belong to the Kingfisher Class!

Mr Good is the teacher who leads our flock. He has led us from Year 3 to Year 4, so he knows us really well, which has helped us get off to a flying start!!



Picture 1

Kingfishers – The Expert Fishermen Birds  

If you guessed because they’re expert fishermen, you’re right!

Kingfishers eat fish and crustaceans. They live in burrows on the edges of streams, lakes and ponds. To catch fish, they lazily fly over the water, swooping down to spear a fish with their sharp beaks. Sometimes they perch in a branch near a river and dive when they see a fish.


 We have researched kingfishers to find out more about them and their habitats.

Pop into Year 4  and take a closer look at our Kingfisher display board to find out more!





    Year 4 Kingfisher Information Display

Picture 1


The kingfishers are now working from the year four national curriculum word list. The children will now be choosing four or five spellings to include in a paragraph to support them with their writing and grammar development.

In addition to this, it gives an opportunity for the children to further practice their cursive handwriting skills.

Maths Homework

Maths homework for half-term is to practise multiplication tables. Remember there are lots of activities in the booklet given out last week to help you. Why not test yourself by playing online games like:

Hit the Button (Also available as an app)

Times Tables Grids

For 8x table


For our topic this term we looked at the digestive system of the human body. The journey food takes from the mouth to the very end!  This gave us the opportunity to look at all the different organs which make up the digestive system and the roles of the different organs. During the topic we also had the opportunity to work alongside the fabulous Pine Martens to create life size digestive systems!