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Pine Martins - Yr 4

Welcome to Pine Martens Class!

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Welcome to Year 4. The teaching staff consists of Mr Good and Mrs Cooper. We are also supported by our fantastic teaching assistant Mrs Griffiths.


There are 29 children in the Pine Marten class, taught by Mrs Cooper.


Our door is always open and we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns you have. At the end of the school day is probably the best time to catch us, as the mornings do tend to be a little hectic! However, if it is vital  information that you need to pass on for the day ahead then do not hesitate to grab one of us.


PE sessions are on a Monday afternoon. Children will be required to have the following kit for all sessions; black shorts, white t-shirt, trainers and tracksuit bottoms for the cooler months. Ideally the children need to bring their kit to school on a Monday and keep it here until the end of the week.


We encourage children to have a water bottle in school at all times but this is especially important for these sessions.  


Children who have an asthma inhaler in school will need to become responsible for this and take it with them to all PE sessions. They will always be kept in a central, safe and accessible place in the classroom during class based sessions.



Pine Martins 

We have been researching Pine Martens.


Pine martens are elusive members of the weasel family, and sport a creamy yellow throat bib. Found throughout most of central and northern Europe, this once heavily persecuted marten is now extinct from most of England and Wales. Their last remaining UK stronghold is in Scotland. They favour well wooded areas where they can nest in hollow trees and old animal homes. Pine martens eat small mammals and seasonally available produce such as autumn fruits and berries. They are also treetop hunters that can race skillfully along branches, leaping from tree to tree in pursuit of squirrels.



The Pine Martens are now working from the year four national curriculum word list. The children will now be choosing four or five spellings to include in a paragraph to support them with their writing and grammar development.

In addition to this, it gives an opportunity for the children to further practice their cursive handwriting skills.


Maths Homework

Maths homework for half-term is to practise multiplication tables. Remember there are lots of activities in the booklet given out last week to help you. Why not test yourself by playing online games like:

Hit the Button (Also available as an app)

Times Tables Grids

For 8x table



For our topic this term we have been looking at the Blue Abyss. This has allowed us to have a lot of discussion and cross circular activities, about the wonderful wildlife that lives in the coral reef, around our shorelines and much more! From this the children have been able to learn about food chains and how to create classification keys. In addition to this, the children have been researching submarines and in doing so have designed their own submarines. Thus giving the children the opportunity to discuss different materials, buoyancy, structural features and even finding a use for fidget spinner as propellers!