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Rabbits - Yr 3

animated-rabbit-image-0027Welcome to Rabbits Class!animated-rabbit-image-0027


There are 29 children in Rabbit Class taught by Mrs Dean and

supported by Mrs Barker. Mrs Rayns will be teaching the class on Thursday afternoon. Keep an eye on our website page to discover what

we have been learning about and what is planned this year!


animated-arrow-image-0039  Important Information!! animated-arrow-image-0040

P.E. lessons will be on a Tuesday afternoon and could take place indoors or outdoors, so it essential that your child comes prepared with the correct kit.

Swimming will begin on Monday 12th September. All children will need to have their swimming kit for this session. We are always desperate for helpers for swimming, so if you could spare a few hours on Monday afternoon please pop in and see us.

If your child is unable to participate in either swimming or PE, please speak to Mrs Dean or Mrs Barker or send a note in with your child.


As part of our healthy school approach we would encourage  all children to bring a water bottle so they can have access to a drink of water during the day. This will allow them to keep hydrated, which will have a positive impact on their concentration and stamina. 

Important Dates


Half Term - Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June

Boat Trip - Wednesday 7th June

Sports Day - Friday 7th July

School Disco - Thursday 13th July

School Reports - Friday 14th July

Last Day of Term - Tuesday 25th July

 nature water ocean yes sea GIFFlow nature water ocean yes sea GIF

We will be going on a boat trip along the River Trent to look for the different physical features in our local area. Will we see features like meanders, oxbow lakes and tributaries? We will find out about the different features of rivers, rivers of the world, river erosion, dams and how rivers and our waterways are used today and compare it to the past. We will also be learning about the water cycle.

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Rabbits won the Attendance Award in September.

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Dashing Dalmatians!

Our homework project was to create our own Dalmations. We could choose a variety of different materials and our families got stuck in to create some amazing Dalmatian specimens. 

They are all on display outside our classroom - nodding politely! Come and take a look. There are some really imaginative ideas and they are all uniquely different.


Picture 1

Exciting news!!!

We will be going on a trip to Newark Civil War Centre on Wednesday 16th November to look at some artefacts from Prehistoric Britain. Please keep an eye out for the trip letter.

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Diary Dates



21st October - INSET

16th November - School Photographs

18th November Children in Need

6th December - 1.30pm - Christmas Craft Afternoon

                             CLASS CHALLENGE!!!!animated-dalmatian-image-0042


We would like you to make a Dalmatian!!!

Look at pictures, cartoons and photographs of Dalmatians and their puppies to understand their body shape and recognisable features, such as ears, muzzle and tail. Use materials such as wire, newspaper, masking tape, inflated balloons or junk to create the shape of a Dalmatian. Layer their Dalmatian’s body with tissue and glue, plaster strips or papier mache. Once dry paint the Dalmatian white and add black spots and facial features. Have Fun!

Heroes and Villains

It’s time for the class to meet one of the world’s most evil women – the unashamedly wicked, Cruella De Vil. Watch how she snaps and sneers, heckles and jeers, what a villainous villain she is! Listen to Cruella’s terrible tales of Dalmatian entrapment – what gruesome and wicked desires she has! Ask questions to interrogate her. How is she planning to get hold of those cute Dalmatians and – if you can bear it – what she wants to do with them. The children will also be learning about Bonnie and Clyde, fairy tale villains and heroes and modern day heroes!

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