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English Daily Activities

Wednesday 6th January

  • Read or listen to the story of The Runaway Iceburg (Links below)
  • In your books write what you think that you already know about Penguins.

WALT-Things we already know about Penguins

  • Cut the shapes and stick them together to make your own Penguin (Sheets in your book)


Thursday 7th January

  • Re-read or listen to the story (Links above)
  • Today you are going to find out about Penguins.
  • Have a look through the Penguin Fact file Powerpoint (Link below)
  • Make a list in your books of the facts that you find out. Where are they found, different types, what they eat etc
  • WALT - Make a list of Penguin facts


Friday 8th January

Go through the Penguin Powerpoint again and using the information, create your own fact file on Penguins. The sheets for you to record it on are in your book.

Have a great weekend!  laughsmileylaugh