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Afternoon Topic Work

Children's Mental Health Week

In addition to our Topic this week we would like you to have a look at the activities below. It is Children's Mental Health Week this week, the activities attached are all things that you can do at home all around the theme of Express Yourself! 

Try to choose one of these activities to do each day. 

Monday 1st February


Read the Lesson Presentation.

Task 1: In a table list all the inherited characteristics you can think of and all of the Acquired characteristics you can think of. Think about yourself when you do this, it will help.

Task 2: What have you inherited from your parents? Can you work out what you have inherited from your mum and what you have inherited from your dad?

Challenge: If you have siblings; what have you inherited that is the same and what different things have you inherited?

Tuesday 2nd February

Family Tree


family tree is a type of chart or diagram representing generations of families and how they are linked throughout the years.

family tree can include names, birth dates, marriage dates and pictures. Family trees can be simple and just include your close family members, or they can go back many generations to enable you to see where you came from, who your ancestors were and how you are related to them.


Can you create a Family Tree of your family? How far back can you go? Have a look at the examples so you understand how to draw a family tree. You may need to ask your parents for help the further back you go!


Wednesday 3rd February


Read the Lesson presentation and complete the Adaptation activity, you do not need to print it off, you can write your answers out neatly on paper – you could even draw the animals if you like!


Thursday 4th February

Theory of Evolution

Follow the lesson from Oak Academy on this link.


Complete the activities on a piece of paper. 



Friday 5th February

Sketching Finches

Using the images provided, sketch the different finches just like Darwin did. Focus carefully on their variations so that they all look different.