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Afternoon work


Thursday 25th March


Tom’s Midnight Garden art

You wrote some fantastic setting descriptions last week in English of the garden in Tom’s Midnight Garden. Now we’d like to see your wonderful artwork! Try to remember everything you wrote about last week (you might want to jot down a quick list) so you can include all of those in to your picture. Watch this video - which gives some tips on how to sketch a garden. A good tip is to keep pausing the video as you draw.

Once you have finished sketching out your drawing, use colour. If you have paints at home, particularly watercolour, use those. If not, ideally use colouring pencils. Consider how hard and soft to press down to keep your work looking neat.

When you have finished, take a photo of your picture and send it to us on the usual email address –

Here are some examples to inspire you…


Friday 26th March



As you know, we always have PE on a Friday afternoon so this afternoon it’s time to get active! The timed circuit-style fitness workout we’ve been doing will continue after the Easter holidays so you must keep up your fitness levels that we’ve been trying to improve! First, watch this Joe Wicks video to get you “warmed up”,

Then have a break and make sure you drink lots of water. Next, have a go at the activities on the sheet. Just like in PE, use a timer (the oven, a watch or tablet) to film you doing each of the activities for one minute. Then, next week, have a go at your second attempt and third attempt. All of these will help you keep fit ready for your return to school.

If you have time, you could also do a spot of yoga as a cool-down / relaxing way to end the week.

PE With Joe | Friday 17th April

30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest2 sets of 10 minutes with a 2 minute rest in the middle

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