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Afternoon work






What is a scientist? Create a mind map full of ideas about what being a scientist means to you! 


Complete the Oak National Academy lesson: Who is Katherine Johnson? Watch the video and then carry out your own investigation to explore the trajectory lines for different objects.


Make sure you include:



equipment list 









This afternoon, we have a different kind of project for you! This should be started today and there will be another session dedicated to finishing this off next week so there is no need to rush it!

On the attachment below, you will find a variety of different activities all around the same theme: family. 

Start by speaking to your family and finding out as much information as you can. Speak to your grown ups and see if they have any photos they don't mind you using. Remember, you will have another afternoon on this next week so take your time and make sure you do it properly, neatly and to a "Take Care" standard!




Complete the grammar and vocabulary challenges attached below. You may need to do some Googling to remind yourselves what some of the terms mean!


For PE this afternoon, try to Jo Wicks video below. You should be able to complete the whole session!





This afternoon is your chance to write your balanced argument to answer the question: Who was the most inspirational Saint? Joan of Arc or Saint Francis of Assisi? 


I have also attached a document that should help you understand how to construct a balanced argument. Have a flick through  before you write your own. 


You will need your notes from the previous lesson so grab them before you start!





Have a look at the geometric shape art work ideas attached below. Use these examples as inspiration for your own piece of art work. 


Watch this video for more ideas about how you can make your own. Think about what objects you might have at home that you could use to create yours! You may use crayons, paints, chalks, whatever you have at home!