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Afternoon work


Monday 8th February



Complete the activities on Espresso titled Introduction to speech marks! There is a video to watch, quizzes to complete and a quick activity! 




If you can't access it by clicking on the image above, log into Espresso - KS2 - English - Grammar and Punctuation - Punctuation.


Log in details: 

Username:  student 25824

Password:  jhunt1




Starter- write down everything you think animals need to survive.


Look through the document attached below- all about how we can help insects. Identify ways in which we can help insects.


Use this information, and your own ideas, to create a list of things you could at home or at school to help our insects. Have a walk around your garden and think as if you were an insect- where can they eat? Where can they hide? How easy is it for them to fly or move around?


Draw a map of your home/garden. On this map, show where there are dangers for insects or ways in which you would like to help the insects in your area.

Tuesday 9th February



As you know, Mini Kixx are providing weekly online PE lessons for you to complete. This week, complete lesson 4!

(ignore the KS1 title!)





...and here is your weekly music lesson from Mrs Thacker!



Wednesday 10th February



Create your own cartoon minibeast!

Cartoons often exaggerate the most prominent features of something, like a stinging tail or great big eyes. Make preliminary drawings in a sketchbook to plan which features could be exaggerated, then use ICT to create the design where possible, using a paint program (on paper if not!), add colour and animate.


Spend time creating multiple cartoon minibeasts. Once you have finished, use your own drawings or extra images of cartoon minibeasts from online, to create a collage of cartoon minibeasts!




Thursday 11th February



Chinese New Year!


Tomorrow, 12th February, is Chinese New Year! 

2021 is a year of the Ox, starting from February 12th, 2021 (Chinese lunar New Year Day) and lasting until January 31st, 2022.


What is Chinese New Year? Why is it different to our New Year? Do you know which year you were born in? Have a look through the information attached below to find out more!


When you have worked your way through the information, complete the activities below. There are a selection of activities for you to choose from, some you can do on your own, but some may require a little bit of help from grown ups!


Friday 12th February



You have made it to half term!! You have been working so so hard over the past 6 weeks and I am so proud of you for working hard and not giving up! Spend this afternoon having fun!! 


Choose from the activities on the document below! Remember to send some pictures of whatever you choose to do!