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Afternoon work

Monday 8th February

Fossils as Evidence of Evolution

Follow the lesson from Oak Academy on this link.



Tuesday 9th February

Sketching Shells and Fossils

Look at the images of shells and Fossils. Study the details carefully and choose a couple to draw. Make sure you look closely at every detail and include it. Then, go over your drawing in pen (ink if you have one) and then dab water onto it, letting the ink bleed slightly.

Wednesday 10th February  

Selective and cross Breeding

Read the Lesson Presentation

Task: Write down the advantages and disadvantages of selective and cross breeding.

Do you think Humans should intervene in this way? 

Thursday 11th February and Friday 12th February

Choose an area of Charles Darwin’s investigations and Research.

Research what Darwin did and create an artistic poster telling me all about it!