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Anywhere Island

You are part of an environmentalist expedition and have come across an uninhabited, previously undiscovered island. This island is the most beautiful, natural place you have seen and is home to many species of flora and fauna unknown to man.



Monday 22nd February


Where in the world is the island that you have discovered?

Watch the videos below:

Use the map below and Google Maps to help you decide where your island is.

Write a paragraph describing the location of your island by answering the following questions, you will need to research some of this.  

  • Which sea or ocean does the island lay in?
  • Is the island in the northern or southern hemisphere?
  • Can you write a grid reference for your island using longitude and latitude?
  • Which continent is the island associated with?
  • What is the closest country to your island?
  • What is the climate like on your island?
  • Which Time zone is your island in? How many hours ahead or behind is it compared to the UK?

Tuesday 23rd February


Now you know where your island is you need to start thinking about the island itself. Watch the video below:,like%20buildings%2C%20roads%20and%20bridges.

Your island was undiscovered, this means that people have never been there before. Therefore, the only features of your island will be physical features.

Write down a list of physical features you would like your island to have.

Watch these videos:


Now that you have an idea of what you island is like you are going to design it! Create a map of your island thinking about:

  • The shape and size of your island
  • Where are the physical features you have listed going to be?
  • How big will these features be?
  • You could name those physical features
  • Name the island

Use the skills from the videos and the examples below to draw your island design!

Take care and time with your design! I am really looking forward to seeing these!

Wednesday 24th February


You are approaching the newly discovered island for the first time.

Whereabouts on the island would your boat dock? Which coast is that on?

Close your eyes and imagine…

What can you see?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?

What can you feel?

How would you be feeling?

Write down words and phrases to answer each question – these can be bullet pointed. Use a thesaurus to make sure you are using ambitious vocabulary.

Using the vocabulary you have collected, write a descriptive paragraph describing your first impressions of the island. Make sure your description is packed with detail – I want to be able to close my eyes and imagine the place you are describing.



Draw your first view of the island as you step off the boat.





Thursday 25th February


The island has a wide range of flora and fauna, which are quite rare. The island needs protecting by an environmental agency.

Now that the island has been discovered, why might it need protecting? What negative impact could people have on the island? What could happen if it isn’t protected? Write down some ideas to answer these questions.

Watch the video:

Using the template to help you, design the identity of the environmental agency, including the name and logo.

The name and logo of a company need to represent what they stand for and what they consider important. It lets people know what that company is about from just looking at the name and logo.

What sort of message would an environmental agency like to give people? 

What do you think is important to them?

How might that look in a logo and the name?

What colours and images might be used on the logo?

Friday 26th February


The environmental agency need to make sure that any visitors know what they can and can’t do on the island so that they can protect the natural beauty and any creatures that live there.

 Think back to yesterday, you could even re-watch the video. What affects will new visitors to the island have?

How could your environmental agency reduce the negative impact that people have on the island?

Design a poster that could be shown to visitors explaining the dos and don’ts for visitors on your island.

Are there any consequences if people break those rules? How will you encourage people to follow them?