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Afternoon work

Monday 22nd February


Complete the activities on Espresso titled "Using speech marks to punctuate direct speech." There is a video to watch, quizzes to complete and a quick activity! 



If you can't access it by clicking on the image above, log into Espresso - KS2 - English - Grammar and Punctuation - Punctuation.


Log in details: 

Username:  student 25824

Password:  jhunt1



What is metamorphosis?

Find out by reading the information on the page below:



Below, are three videos showing time lapses of different life cycles. 

Watch the videos, then draw scientific diagrams to record the life cycles observed, labelling each stage and making simple annotations to describe what happens.

Compare the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. Discuss and record the differences.




Tuesday 23rd February



As you know, Mini Kixx are providing weekly online PE lessons for you to complete. This week, complete lesson 5!

(ignore the KS1 title!) 





...and here is your weekly music lesson from Mrs Thacker!



Wednesday 24th February



Work your way through this website, learning about the different kinds of crossings and how to keep yourself safe! Make sure you watch the video at the bottom. There is also a quiz to complete. 



When you have finished on the website, there are two activity sheets to be completed.


This week marks the start of Fair Trade Fortnight. We are going to start by learning about what fair trade means and learning a little bit about the Fair Trade Foundation. 


Watch the talk from a virtual visitor below to find out a little bit more:

Once you have watched the video from the Fair Trade speaker, complete the activity attached below. Match the choice to the consequence to help understand how your actions can impact on other people around the world. There is also another video to watch where you will get to meet a Fair Trade farmer!

Over the next two weeks, start working on these activities. Do these wherever you can and whenever you have some time but make sure they are done by the end of next week! laugh

Thursday 25th February



Food Chains


What is a food chain? Watch the video to find out:



Use what you have at  home to research key terms and their meanings: prey, predator, consumer and producer.


When you have done that, have a look at the examples of food chains attached on the document below. 

Create your own food chain by creating or using whatever you have at home e.g. toy animals or by drawing animals. Put the food chain together using string or something similar. Can you create a food chain that even includes yourself?!


Discuss what would happen if one of the living things from the food chain was removed. What would happen if a new predator was introduced to the habitat?

When you have finished your food chain work, why don't you have a go at making an ice mobile? Hopefully it isn't too warm yet! Collect your own natural materials to use in your ice mobile. Follow the instructions to create your mobile. Remember to make sure you only use environmentally friendly items!

Friday 26th February



Create a mixed media collage on the theme of metamorphosis. Use printed images, photographs, rubber stamps, newspaper, ink washes, water colour, and experiment with enlarging, photocopying, repetition, scale and colour (whatever you can think of!) to create an original piece where each stage of a minibeast’s life cycle is represented. Make sure that each life stage is represented in your collage.

Have a look at the images below to give you some ideas about how to create something using mixed media before you start your own!