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Afternoon work


Monday 1st March



Grammar activity- Using apostrophes to show plural and singular possession. 


Complete the lesson on Espresso to help develop your understanding of using apostrophes. There is a video to watch, quizzes to complete and a quick activity! 



If you can't access it by clicking on the image above, log into Espresso - KS2 - English - Grammar and Punctuation - Punctuation.


Log in details: 

Username:  student 25824

Password:  jhunt1



Why do birds lay eggs?


* You will need a chicken egg!! 


Start by researching why birds lay eggs.

Then, examine the external and internal parts of a chicken’s egg. Identify the shell, pores, membrane, air space, albumen, yolk, chalaza and germinal disk.

Continue your research to find out what each part does and how it would support a chick’s development.


Draw a detailed diagram of an egg and each part and write a short paragraph explaining why birds lay eggs.


I have attached the guidance to follow if you want to conduct the whole investigation! 


Tuesday 2nd March



As you know, Mini Kixx are providing weekly online PE lessons for you to complete. This week, complete lesson 5!

(ignore the KS1 title!)  





...and here is your weekly music lesson from Mrs Thacker!




Continue learning more about Fair Trade and the work that the Fair Trade Foundation does. There are two quizzes on Espresso for you to complete:

(if the link doesn't take you there, search on Espresso for the titles of the quizzes)


Log in details: 

Username:  student 25824

Password:  jhunt1




Once you have completed both quizzes, create a mind map showing all of the different Fair Trade products you can buy and the countries where they are grown or made! Try to be creative, see if you can find any products that are not food items too. You may need to do a little bit more research to help you fill your mind map.


If you want to draw a picture of your Mum to go in the Newark Advertiser for Mother's Day, click below and follow the instructions on the website! You do not have to draw your Mum- perhaps you have another special grown up who you celebrate on Mother's Day!



Wednesday 3rd March


The journey of a Fair Trade banana


Today, you will need to log in to Espresso again. Read the information about the journey of a banana. 


Log in details: 

Username:  student 25824

Password:  jhunt1



I have also attached an extra document for some further information below. 


Your job is to create a poster showing the journey of a Fair Trade banana. Show each stage that they go through before being eaten by YOU, here in the UK. You might want to do it like a flow chart- draw and label each stage.



Go for a walk with your family- somewhere where you know you will find a tree (or more than one!). Complete the attached activities to find out how to work out the age and height of a tree. 


You will also find some examples of wild art. Collect natural items on your walk and create your own wild art- either whilst on your walk or once you get home! Be creative with what you create- use your imagination!


Thursday 4th March



World Book Day 


For your afternoon work, have a go at least three activities in total- choose from the options on the "Mains" and "Dessert" sections. Try to pick activities that are different from what you have done this morning. Go for it and have fun with whichever you choose to do- we look forward to seeing what you choose! 




I have also attached the complete menu for you to look at and check you have done all of the activities you want to do!

Friday 5th March



I am SO impressed with the perseverance, dedication and determination you have shown over the last 8 weeks. You have all worked incredibly hard and deserve a day off to do whatever makes you happy! That is your ONLY job for today. Take the time to prepare yourself for coming back into school on Monday!!