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Afternoon work

Over the next 2 weeks you will be completing a topic based on David Attenborough's series 'A Life on Our Planet'. There are a range of different activities to complete each day from Science, to Geography, to Art. I hope you enjoy it! 

Monday 11th January 

 Read the presentation introducing the topic and watch the videos by clicking on the links.

Task: How has our world changed? Write a detailed paragraph(s) explaining how our world has changed and how you feel about this.


Tuesday 12th January

Research a critically endangered animal and create a poster about them. Think about:

  • Why are they endangered?
  • Where in the world do they live? You could draw a map!
  • What is their habitat? 
  • What is their diet?
  • What has been done already to help save them from extinction?
  • What more can be done to help them?

Wednesday 13th January

Read the presentation ‘Use less space’ watching the video throughout. For even more information follow this link

Task 1: Choose an area that has a big deforestation problem. Draw a map showing the area the forest covered 20 year ago (in the year 2000) and the area the forest covers now (2020). How much has it decreased by? What are the negative effects of this?

Task 2: Create a clear poster outlining what the effects of deforestation are and how we can save our forests. Be as creative as you like with your presentation.

Thursday 14th January

Read through the information about the layers of the rainforest and watch this video  Using the example diagram, draw a labelled diagram of a rainforest. Once your diagram is labelled clearly (and possibly coloured), write a short paragraph about each layer.

Friday 15th January

Have a look at the rainforest artwork that has been inspired by the current crisis of deforestation. Create your own piece of artwork that portrays how important beautiful, vibrant and diverse rainforests are using the images of the rainforest provided or any others you would like to research.