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Afternoon work

Here are some good websites for you to find some audio/e-books!


The first one (Audible) has a good variety and all for free:



The second one (Epic!) also has a lot but your grown ups might need to use a free trial or investigate further:



It also looks like Oak National are offering a different book each week. This week, you can watch a video from Jacqueline Wilson and read The Story of Tracy Beaker (one of my absolute favourites!!)- there are also some optional activities for you to complete. 



During the afternoons, perhaps after lunch or at the end of the day, spend some time reading or listening to a book. It is really important during these times that we keep reading and learning! This will be the same every week and I will repost the links to remind you laugh Keep a record in your diary like you would normally for Fab- or on a piece of paper if you don't have your diary!


As we are saving Alchemy Island until we return to school, your new topic will be all called "Beast Creator" and is all about Minibeasts! Hopefully, a lot of the activities will be ones you can complete at home and also give us all a bit of a break from all of the screen time as well!





Design a mini beast hotel


Start by researching about mini beast hotels and how they work. Read here to find out about why bugs need hotels and what makes a good one!



Below are two videos you can watch for some more inspiration, and below them are some pictures to look at. 

Once you have watched the video and looked at the examples, start to design your own mini beast hotel. Remember to look at what sort of materials you have in your home/garden etc that you could use- you might need to ask your grown ups what you are allowed to use. Try to use a range of materials, such as stacked wooden crates, house bricks, logs, stones, hay, plant pots, garden canes, loose bark, carpet rolls and compost.  Also think about where you could place it once it is completed. 







Now you can use your plans from yesterday to create your mini beast hotel! Make sure you have got all of the equipment you will need before you start. Remember: guests might include woodlice, spiders, earwigs, ladybirds, beetles and centipedes. To give the hotel a 5-star rating, you could plant some insect friendly flowers and shrubs nearby.


As this is an ongoing topic, you should observe any changes you notice over time and record any minibeasts you spot!


* Some of your English work next week will be based on your mini beast hotel!


We definitely cannot wait to see what you create for this challenge!


Mini Kixx are now offering online PE lessons and challenges to help stay active. Once you have finished building your mini beast hotel, complete the online PE lesson. 







As promised, this afternoon is time for you to finish off your family project! I know some of you have been really getting into this project and the work we have seen so far has been great. There seem to be a lot of children that haven't yet sent anything in for this yet, so I am hoping it is because you have been saving the big reveal until it is finished this week! I have attached the document below again to remind you what the project includes. 


Once you have completed your family project, complete the Year 5 music lesson that Mrs Thacker has recorded for you. We will keep uploading these as she does them for you. Enjoy!







Have a look at the first section- words ending in ibly or ably. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with words that end in either ibly or ably. Then complete the synonym activities- finding synonyms for cold, like and nice. You do not need to have a thesaurus- I am sure you can think of some synonyms for these words yourself or by asking around. If not, then you can use Google to help you!



Science this afternoon is another lesson from Oak National Academy. This week's lesson is all about Marie Curie. She is very famous and did a lot of important work that you will find out about in this lesson.

Make sure you can answer these questions:

Who was responsible for starting the Nobel Prize? Why is the story of the Nobel Prize a strange one?


I have attached a comic strip template below for you to use when you need it. 





Detailed drawings of butterflies


Have a look at the examples of butterfly art attached below. This afternoon, your job is to draw your own butterfly. 


Once you have drawn it, think about how you can improve it. Does it look realistic? Are you missing any features? Could you add some more shading?


Make sure you don't rush this, you should take your time and focus on making your drawing as life like as possible. 


Here is an online tutorial that might help. You do not need to follow this, it is just there for help if you need it!



Extension- once you have finished your drawing, think of some questions you could ask to help find out more about butterflies. If you have time, you could even research them to find out the answers!