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Afternoon work

Topic Work – Life on our Planet

We are continuing with last weeks topic work based on David Attenborough's Life on our Planet. You produced some fantastic work last week so I can't wait to see what you come up with this week! Enjoy! 

Monday 18th January
Lesson 1: Read the presentation ‘ Go Carbon Net Zero’. Watch all the videos in the presentation.
Task 1: Write a list of things that you do that requires energy on a daily basis. Is there anything you can do to reduce the amount of energy you use?
Task 2: Write 4 paragraphs about the 4 main sources of renewable energy using all the information you been given (and extra if you would like to research further!) You could even include diagrams and images in your work.

Tuesday 19th January

Lesson 2: Read the presentation ‘Revive our Oceans’. Watch all the videos in the presentation.
Task 1: Watch these videos:

Draw a food chain that would be found in the Ocean Ecosystem.
Task 2: Watch this video about Marine Protected Areas: Create a marine protected area using the example given. Research all the ways the ocean is used and how everyone can use the ocean whilst also protecting the wildlife that lives there. Take care with your design as if it were your job to create this area in real life!

Wednesday 20th January

Lesson 3: Read the presentation ‘Eliminate Waste’. Watch all the videos in the presentation.
What are the different types of waste that you produce at home. Do you think this is a good amount? Or too much? How could you reduce the amount of waste you and your family produce?

Thursday 21st January

Lesson 4: Create a poster explaining the 3 Rs and why it is important to eliminate waste. Research – which countries produce the most waste? Why do you think this is? What could those countries do to reduce the amount of waste they produce?


Friday 22nd January 

Lesson 5: Create a piece of Ocean art using single use plastic or any other waste that you would usually put in the bin at home. You MUST ask an adult before you use something for your artwork.