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This afternoon, we would like you to complete the geography activity that we should have done before we had to close our bubble!

First, complete the matching activity!


You might need to conduct some research online to help you match the key words to their definitions, but have a go first and then check your answers!


Once you have started to learn what those key words mean, complete the other worksheet attached below. There are a few different things for you to do. Start by drawing the River Nile onto your map (if you are able to print). You can all answer the rest of the questions.


Here is a section of a map to help you:


Challenge: to label the features of the River Nile e.g. the mouth, delta, a meander etc. 


Watch this video to see how flooding helped the people of Egypt in the past. Write your own short description.


Get moving! 


Take a break, have some fun and get moving with the Go Noodle video below!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)



Christmas around the world!

Below, you will find a document full of information about how different people around the world celebrate Christmas. Don't forget- not everybody celebrates Christmas!

Have a read through the information. 


Find three things that a typical Australian Christmas dinner might include.

What do lots of people in China tend to celebrate instead of Christmas?

In Denmark, what will happen to whoever finds the almond in their rice pudding?

Find two things that homes in France usually display.

What is a panettone?

What kind of trees are decorated in India?

What do lots of people in Japan eat for their Christmas dinner?

Where do many people like to visit in Ho Chi Minh City?


Once you have read through the information. Pick two or three countries to complete the worksheet about. I have attached it as a document below but it looks just like this: 

(Remember, if you cannot print it, you can create your own on paper!)



We have got two challenges for you to complete to end your Home Learning. Of course, it is very nearly Christmas so we have set two Christmas challenges for you:


1. Create your own Christmas decoration

2. How many different ways can you create a Snowman?


Make sure you keep scrolling to find out more information and see some pictures of some examples. I have split the information and examples up into two sections.



1. Creating your own Christmas decoration.

This is pretty much up to you! You can choose what kind of decoration you would like to make. You will need to think about what materials you have at home that you can use as this will probably influence your decision. Have a look at the first set of images below for some inspiration:

2. How many different ways can you make a snowman?

This challenge relies on you being a little bit creative... You can create your snowman however you like! Of course, we haven't got any snow so you can't make a typical snowman. But this doesn't mean you can't have some fun making one. You might like to use towels, clothes, food, arty supplies or any objects you can find around your house. Again, have a look at the pictures below for some inspiration but I bet some of you can come up with something amazing!


Don't forget, we want to see what you manage to create! Go for it!