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Autumn 2

9th November:

1st place: Leon O- 41 correct answers

2nd place: Alexandra- 21 correct answers

3rd place: Isla- 10 correct answers

Special mention: Lola and Aiden for also taking part! 




16th November:

1st place: Isobel

2nd place: Ruby J

3rd place: Alexandra



23rd November:

1st place: Lucas- 599 correct answers

2nd place: Ruby J- 188 correct answers

3rd place: Alexandra- 172 correct answers

Special mention: Isla, Lola, Isobel, Leon O, Tracy, Jessica, Kelti, Kaitlyn and Amber for also taking part! Well done this week you lot! laugh



30th November:

1st place: Isla- 339 correct answers

2nd place: Lola- 229 correct answers

3rd place: Jono- 134 correct answers

Special mention: Jayden, Alexandra, Ivy, Leon O and Ruby J for also answering some questions!



7th December:

1st place: Tyler A- 626 correct answers

2nd place: Sarah- 213 correct answers

3rd place: Tracy- 168 correct answers

Special mention: Jono, Olive, Isobel, Leon O, Isla, Jessica, Ruby J, Lola, Charlie-Ann, Kelti, Amber, Alexandra, Kaitlyn, Aiden, Jayden, Leon C, Harvey, Keigan, Ema, Owen, Ivy, Ruby L, Isaac and Tyler D for also having a go on Prodigy this week! Between you all, you answered 1932 questions in one week!! Well done Dragonflies! laugh


14th December:

1st place: Tyler A- 248 correct answers

2nd place: Isobel- 91 correct answers

3rd place: Jono- 60 correct answers

Special mention: Tracy and Isla for also playing this week! 

21st December:

1st place: Lola- 162 correct answers

2nd place: Tyler A- 78 correct answers

3rd place: Lucas- 68 correct answers

Special mention: Jono, Leon C, Leon O, Isla, Isobel, Ruby J, Ivy, Kelti and Tracy for also playing!


4th January:

1st place: Tracy- 24 correct answers 

2nd place: Isaac- 22 correct answers 

3rd place: Lola- 18 correct answers