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Autumn Term

What are we learning in the Autumn term?
Autumn 1: 'All About Me'

This is a very special and exciting time as it is our first year at school! In the first half term, we are focusing on ourselves, our families and our pets. We will be painting self portraits, building model houses and learning how to look after different animals. The children will also build lots of friendships and learn our 'Take Care' school rules.



Autumn 2: 'Colour, Pattern and Celebrations!'
Our second half term at school is a huge celebration! We will explore Autumn as a season, collecting lots of natural resources on an 'Autumn Walk' to create our own art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We will also be learning and celebrating lots of festivals around the world, such as Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas! This is one of our favourite half terms in Foundation 2.

Autumn Term Newsletter 20/ 21