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Butterflies – Y1


We are Butterfly class and welcome to our class page!

You will find lots of information on this page and see some of the exciting things that we have been up to so far.



Our class


There are 25 children in our class and our teacher is Miss Proctor. We are supported by Mrs Barker on Monday-Wednesday (AM) and Mrs Armstrong Wednesday (PM) -Friday.


Our Topics


Autumn 1- Dinosaur Planet

Autumn 2- Superheroes

Spring 1- Bright Lights, Big City

Spring 2-Enchanted Woodland

Summer 1- Moon zoom

Summer 2- Paws, Claws and Whiskers


Dinosaur Planet


We have been learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We looked at different types of dinosaur and sorted them into groups according to what they eat. After we had done that we looked at their teeth. Carnivores have sharp teeth and herbivores had flat teeth. We made different teeth out of clay and our friends had to decide what type of dinosaur they came from. Finally, we went outside to gather natural items that we thought would be found in herbivore poo and made our own poo! 


Take a look at our photos. 

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