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Dragonflies – Y5

Welcome to Year 5 Dragonflies! 


We have got 28 Dragonflies this year and our teacher is Miss Travers. Keep an eye on this page to see all of the exciting things we will get up to. We have got a busy year planned for you all!


We will also be joined by Mrs Revill and Mrs Barker for some of the week.


We can't wait to start working with you all this year. Although grown ups can't come in to the building, please do still give us a wave and a smile so we can get to know who you are. If you do need to talk to us about anything, we are more than happy to give you a ring so please let us know.


Your child should bring a water bottle with them every day. These will be sent home each night so that they can be cleaned ready for the next day.


The children will receive PE sessions from Mini Kixx on a Friday afternoon. Please send their kit in on a Monday and they will wear it home on a Friday.






From Monday 7th September, year 5 will be attending weekly swimming lessons.

Please ensure that the children come to school with an appropriate swimming kit (boys need tight fitting trunks,

no ‘surfer style’ swimming trunks and girls need one-piece swimming costumes) If your child needs goggles, you will need to complete a permission form. Jewellery, including earrings, is not allowed. Swimming hats should be worn if earrings cannot be taken out. Bear in mind that we will be walking to and from the leisure centre so children would benefit from a warm coat, particularly in the colder months when they will be walking with wet hair as well. Long hair should be tied back. If you are not sure whether your child's hair will cover their eyes when in the water, send them with a hair bobble incase.


Update: November 2020

Wow! What a fantastic time we all had in our swimming sessions! We were lucky enough to fit the majority of our swimming sessions in before the second national lockdown. What a pleasure it has been to watch all of you Dragonflies develop your confidence in the water. Every single one of you should be so proud of how far you have come in the water- I know I am! Hopefully, you will be able to take your grown ups swimming soon and show them how good you are!



How to help your child in year 5:

Encourage your child to use their planner- you can also write messages in these

Promote Fab 4 Reading

Support spelling development and introduce new vocabulary (year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling list is attached below)

Practice their key skills; handwriting (we follow Nelson Handwriting) and times tables in particular


*We will check planners and Fab4 scores on a Monday

Due to Covid guidelines, the children will be able to change their books on a Monday and a Thursday


You will also find attached a "Spelling Menu" with a variety of activities the children can complete to help them with their spellings. Have a look at some of the activities!

Check back each week to find out who our Take Care Champion is by clicking on the rainbow below!


I have set up everybody's Prodigy log in details. I will hand these out once we are back in school, but if you want to get playing in the meantime then please email me for your login details;


If you haven't used it before, Prodigy is a great way to practice your Maths skills and I can keep an eye on what you are completing and the progress you are making! Why not have a go? You might enjoy it!


We are going to have 3 competitions:

1. a weekly winner- the person with the most correct answers for that week (restarts on a Monday)

2. a half termly winner- the person with the most correct answers for that half term (worked out at the end of that half term holiday ready to announce upon return to school)

3. an overall winner at the end of the school year!


Keep checking here for updates!

Tuk Tuk has been enjoying lots of visits to school lockdown. Unfortunately, at the start of this year, Tuk Tuk's friend passed away. I was very worried about him being lonely as they like to live with other guinea pigs, so he has been coming in for some visits so that he has company throughout the day. He has enjoyed lots of cuddles and treats and hopes that he can meet you all one day!




Our first topic this year will be all about Ancient Egypt! We will be following the Cornerstones topic, Pharaohs. We will travel back 5000 years, entering a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings. We will learn about life on the Nile, discover Egypt and its fascinating culture and unravel secrets of ancient tombs using historical sources and ancient artefacts. 


At the bottom of this page, you can also find our long term plan for this year. We may end up making some changes as we go but this will give you a rough idea of what is to come in year 5.



We started our Egyptian topic with a visit from Partake. We started the day learning about different exotic spices followed by learning about mummification- which got some interesting reactions! Then we looked at some different artefacts and learnt about what they were used for in ancient Egyptian times. Lola was chosen to model Egyptian makeup! She did a great job- she even got to be a high priestess later on! After lunch, we dressed up as priests and priestesses and acted out an Egyptian burial. We danced, chanted and offered gifts to the Pharaoh. Make sure you have a look through the pictures below- there are some fab photos!


October half term update:


Wow! What a first half term it has been! It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every Dragonfly so far. I have really enjoyed working with you all and I hope you have all had a fab first half term in year 5. I can't wait for the rest of the year. A lot has happened this half term and it has been busy- from new additions to walking to swimming, clay modelling and creating some amazing scarab beetles! 


We are nearly at the end of our swimming sessions now but I am so proud of everybody! I wish that all of our grown ups could see how far you have all come. It has been amazing seeing you all have a go, becoming more confident in water, lifting your feet up for the first time or even perfecting your strokes!


The pictures below are from some role play that we did. We were exploring how to be a supportive friend, even if somebody says something you don't really care about. We discussed feelings and how we can be supportive friends. We learnt that we have some little actors and actresses in our class! Well done Dragonflies! laugh We have spent a lot of time talking about positivity and resilience so remember to keep this up next half term too!


Some of us have even completed some Bikeability sessions where we ventured out in Balderton and learnt about riding safely. We have also created our own canopic jars out of clay. Some of them look just like our designs and some of us had to adapt slightly! They are not finished yet so keep your eyes peeled after the holidays for some updated pictures...

We also spent some time looking at the Triangular Slave Trade as part of our work for Black History Month. I was really impressed with how sensitively our class handled the discussion. Some of their work is on display in the key stage 2 hall!


Have a fantastic holiday Dragonflies! You all deserve a rest after working so hard and I know you will make the most of your time off (but don't forget to practice your spellings and times tables!!). Take care of yourselves and stay safe, particularly over Halloween.. I know some of you mentioned having a party and I bet some of you have been or are going pumpkin picking! I can't wait to see you and hear all about what you have been up to when we go back, ready for another half term and the countdown to Christmas!!


Love Miss Travers x


We had a fantastic day celebrating Children in Need this year! We started the day with a bit of Pudsey colouring and then had a special assembly in the afternoon. Each year group recorded a short video of a dance. We didn't have much time to practise our video but we think our entry was fab! We had great fun doing it and everybody joined in! Below are two pictures- one showing us doing our dance and one of us on Children in Need! laugh

        Have a look at our Canopic jars!           

We are so proud of our canopic jars! We have worked so hard and taken a lot of care to make these look so realistic. Miss Travers is very proud of our finished canopic jars. They look fit for holding organs!

We have had a lot of fun writing on the tables! To start our new topic, Space, we wrote down everything we already knew or thought about Space! Over the course of this Topic, we will be able to find out if what we thought was true and also find out the answers to our questions. 



We have been working hard to create a more positive atmosphere and change our mindset! We have spent a lot of time thinking about how to support others, how we can be honest and how to adopt a growth mindset approach to our work. Resilience is something else that we are still working on. Of course, we can all have bad days or feel like we are not okay sometimes, but we should still be able to tackle our work and not give up as soon as we find something tricky. 

We had a look at The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse and the information surrounding Charlie Mackesy's work. After our discussion, we created our own work, inspired by his. Have a look at the images below to see some examples of Charlie Mackesy's work and some of the ones we created.

Christmas is coming!

Christmas activities are underway! We have lots coming up to try to make this time exciting. Before we share what we have done, here is the link for the BBC Churches Online Advent Calendar which we will be contributing to!






Year 5 had a fab afternoon meeting writer, illustrator and poet Chris White!

We got to meet Chris virtually. He showed us some of his work and helped us to create our own! He read some of his work to us- it was rather funny! We got to share our ideas with him. We started by creating a funny animal with different body parts like an elephant trunk for a nose but a giraffe-like neck! Once we had created our "pet," we created our own poems about them! Some of our work is very funny! Have a look at some of our work below.


What a fantastic Autumn term we have had! September certainly feels so long ago now. I have absolutely loved working with you all and getting to know you. Everybody has worked so hard and I can't wait to see what the new year brings. I hope that all of you have a fantastic break and enjoy your time off! Here is a quick message from team Dragonflies x 

Merry Christmas!

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