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Dragonflies – Y5

Welcome to the start of the new year with a new Dragonfly class!

We have got 19 dragonflies this year and our teacher is Miss Travers.

Keep an eye out for all of the exciting things we get up to! 


We have a busy year planned, starting with a trip to London!

This WOW day will give the children an amazing opportunity and enable them to gain a closer insight

into our Autumn topic, Fallen Fields. We will keep you updated with other exciting events as they get closer.

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From Monday 9th September, year 5 will be attending weekly swimming lessons.

Please ensure that the children come to school with an appropriate swimming kit (boys need tight fitting trunks,

no ‘surfer style’ swimming trunks and girls need one-piece swimming costumes) If your child needs goggles, please pop in and pick up a goggle permission form. Jewellery, including earrings, is not allowed. Swimming hats should be worn if earrings cannot be taken out.

Making improvements


In our class, we are always looking to make our work even better. Because we are Take Care Students, we try our hardest to produce work that we know is the best we can make it! Look at some of the improvements we have made to our art work already. We are really proud of the clear difference!

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All of Year 5 enjoyed their visit to London! Despite the (very) early start, everybody made the most of their time in London and learnt lots of new facts. 

As we traveled to the Imperial War Museum, we were lucky enough to peek a glimpse of the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben! It was very exciting to see these famous land marks! Inside the Imperial War Museum, we learnt all about life during the war, jobs that women had, the weapons used in the war as well how people were able to join the army. We got to measure our own eye sight, teeth, height and waist to see if we would be fit to join. After learning about the uniforms that belonged to different armies, we got to try on a uniform ourselves. There was lots of information about life in the trenches and to finish off, we got to walk through a replica trench with a plane swooping over head! 

Next, we headed to Buckingham Palace. Not only did we get to admire the front of the palace, we also had a tour of the state rooms. All of the rooms were different but all were beautiful. A particular highlight of the day was when Prince Harry walked across the quadrangle and waved at us!! 


School Council


Our new school councillors have been decided for this year! For Dragonfly class, we have a school councillor who will be supported by our deputy. They will be working closely with Mrs Martin to make improvements around the school. They have already had some brilliant ideas and I am sure they will consider the suggestions and thoughts of our other class members. 


School Councillor, Dragonflies- 2019/2020