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Online Safety

Online Safety

Hello everyone! 


As I'm sure during this period your child will have been online more whether through a tablet, laptop or game console. It is more important than ever that we keep our children safe and give them the skills to access all these amazing resources during this unknown period with the knowledge of what to look for and to look out for. These documents cover safety on popular search engines such as You Tube, a power point for parents to look over and a PDF of questions and activities you could do together. I would also recommend your child accessing the internet through the search engine kiddle. To find this use your normal search engine of Google, then type in Kiddle.


Kiddle is a child friendly search engine with child orientated results meaning the opportunity for inappropriate information to arise is slim to non. I use this search engine in school and all the children will be familiar with this search engine.


Happy online safety searches everyone! laugh