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Monday 29th March


Watch the following video to find out all about the Easter Story. We have spoken a little bit about it in school, but now is the time to find out more. Whilst you watch the video, familiarise yourself with the different stages of the story, what happened and who was there etc. On a separate piece of paper, make notes about the key parts of the story so that you know what happens at each different stage.



Tuesday 30th March 


Look at the diary WAGOLL attached in the pack. Identify different features of a diary entry:


Date of writing

Informal language

Past tense



Fronted adverbials

Time conjunctions


Don’t forget to do a key!

Wednesday 31st March


You are going to write a diary entry from the perspective of somebody from the Easter story.

You might want to write as if you are Jesus or one of his disciples. It is up to you.

It is also up to you which part you want to write about. Perhaps you will write a diary entry from Jesus when he was crucified, or as one of the disciples during the last supper.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Complete the planning sheet attached.

Thursday 1st April


Today you are going to write your diary entry! 


Remember to concentrate on thoughts and feelings. How can you help the reader to understand how you were feeling at the time? Can you include some emotive language? Remember to use capital letters and full stops accurately.


Before you start writing, have a look at the video/transcript below. You do not need to watch/read all of it, but there might be some bits you would like to magpie. Some of the language used is very emotive and mentions Mary's thoughts and feelings. Your diary will of course be very different to hers, but it is worth looking at for some ideas!



I have attached a template below for you to write on if you want to, you could write your diary entry on anything!