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Wednesday 31st March 2021


Today you are to read chapters 31 and 32. Then from the reading yesterday and today you are to answer the comprehension questions found in the power point pdf below or on the worksheet. I have again recorded the chapters and have uploaded the video through Microsoft Teams on our class page like last time or you can find the pdf version below. If you would like to read it through the pdf it is pages 216-232 smiley



Thursday 1st April 2021


Today you are to read chapters 33- End. What did you think to the book? I have loved reading this and following Varjak's journey! However, this whole book has been from Varjak's point of view. With todays activity we would like you to think of it from Cludge's point of view. Using the sheet below you need to think about:


Part 1 – Outside the wall, what did this look like to Cludge, what feelings would he have about the home Varjak grew up in?

Part 2 – Crashing through the window. How would Cludge have felt at this moment, how would he be feeling about his friends trapped inside?

Part 3 – How it all ends