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All the reading and writing activities this week are linked to bees. I wonder what you already know and what you might find out!



Complete the reading comprehension activity all about honeybees. If you are stuck with the reading ask an adult or older family member to help you. You can record the answers or just discuss them. 


Find out lots of information about bees by watching the following video clips and reading the different PowerPoints and leaflets. 



On Thursday and Friday, you will be writing a report all about bees. Today you are going to be making notes about bees using the information you read yesterday. Think of 4 different sections for your report (sub-headings) and make notes on the planning sheet provided or on paper. I have listed some possible sub-headings below. Feel free to use mine or create your own.


  • Different types of bees
  • Queen bees
  • Worker bees
  • Adult bees
  • Life cycle of a bee
  • Honeybees
  • Making honey
  • Did you know?

I have added a couple of report examples to help you. The reports include all the key features and they have been written to a 'take care' standard. 


Write the introduction and the first 2 sections of your report using your planning sheet to help you. Below is a reminder of the key features of a report and a success criteria sheet. You can use any of the writing templates attached or create your own. Remember the introduction comes first and tells the reader what the report is all about. An introduction also includes a question to get the reader excited. 


Introduction Example

Bees are super-fast flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. They are best known for their role in pollination and the production of honey. How do they make honey? Carry on reading to find out more information!


Please make sure your work is of a 'TAKE CARE' standard!


Complete the last 2 sections of your report and then add pictures (drawing or printing and sticking). Remember to check back through your report for any corrections or improvements using the success criteria for support. Take lots of pictures of your report and email them in. I would love to see your amazing work. 



Continue to read and learn to spell all of the Year 1 and 2 'Common Exception' words.

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