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Your task this week is to create a Monster report! Your outline for the week is below, the worksheets are attached below. 


Monday - Cohesive devices

Work through PPT 1 – reminding chn of cohesive devices

Work through PPT 2, which has examples of the activities that the chn will be doing.

VF sheets – chn to complete these first and then move on to the application and reasoning sheets.


Read the WAGOLL, what do you learn about the monster? Any vocabulary that you are unsure of?

Using the attached vocabulary sheet, find the definitions for these words, using either a dictionary or the internet. Once you have done this part, and then create sentences using these words.


Think back to last week and your work on formal and informal language, look at these examples, can you tell your parents or siblings which is informal or formal.

Here are two texts. Spot which is formal and which is informal!

 1) Swamp monsters have a proper rancid diet. They love to eat all sorts of weird and unusual stuff like slugs – uuurrrggghhh! Also, they glug down the dirty swamp water by the gallon!

 2) It has been discovered that swamp monsters have an unusual diet. In the main, these creatures are known to consume only gastropods. In addition, they have a preference for water from their swamps as it contains essential minerals.

Activity – You need to decide whether the sentences are informal or formal, you then need to for the sentences that were decided as formal write as informal and vice versa.



If you look back at the model text, it doesn’t have sub-heading, it has used topic sentences, these are like little introductions to the paragraph allowing you to add more detail than you would in a simple heading.

Can you spot them in the WAGOLL? What do they introduce?

Activity - Look the images & write topic sentences for these examples.



Remember this week you are writing an information text about a monster beast, the choices are endless, look at the images for some inspiration.

Look at the planner sheet, it has the different subheadings needed for their report, bullet point ideas as to what you could include into each of the paragraphs, feel free to add another paragraph.