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All the reading and writing activities this week are linked to spider. Do you like spiders? 



Complete one of the reading comprehension activities about spiders. Pick the level that best matches your reading ability. If you are stuck with the reading ask an adult or older family member to help you. You can record the answers or just discuss them


Watch the story 'The Very Busy Spider'. What animals are in the story? Once you have watched the story complete the story sequencing activity. Feel free to create your own or use the cut and stick resources provided. 

The Very Busy Spider


Watch the following clips and read the different PowerPoints and information sheets all about spiders. What have you found out. Either makes notes on paper or discuss with an adult.  

Interesting facts about Spiders

Spiders for kids

Spiders for Kids Again


What spider words can you think of? Make a list of actions (verbs) and description (adjectives).



Verbs                         Adjectives

spin                            long 

jump                           creepy

crawl                          black


Have fun completing the spider crossword.

Extra Activities


Continue to read and learn to spell all of the Year 1 and 2 'Common Exception' words.

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