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Your English writing task is for you to imagine that you are an evacuee, you've been sent away from home and you are now going to write a letter home telling your parents how you are getting on. The documents below gives you some ideas on what to include in your letter. Don't forget to plan it out carefully before writing it in your best take care handwriting.


We look forward to reading them when we return.



Attached below is a variety of grammar tasks that you can complete during week 2. All of these can be done by you re-writing the correct sentences onto a piece of paper/your answers on to a piece of paper so if you don't have a printer, it can all be viewed on your phones/tablets/laptops. 


If you have any problems accessing any of the work or require more work, please don't hesitate to contact us on:

Reading activities


Attached below are some reading activities, they have a short text and some questions to go along with these texts. They are all based around WW2. You should be able to access these on your phones/tablets/laptops.