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English overview

Monday – Fronted Adverbials

Follow the links below to take you to some clips on fronted adverbials.

Once you have watched the videos, choose one of the sheets below (3 levels) where you must choose a main clause, and add detail using at least one adverbial phrase from the tables.


Tuesday – Planning

Recap on your planning from Friday, read back over it to check that you are happy with what you have planned. Remember to use ‘The Swamp Monster’ WAGOLL to support you.

Begin to write your fact file, you either need to choose to write sub-headings on your report or use topic sentences similar to what you created last week.


Wednesday – Continue writing, make sure you re-read what you started to write yesterday and then continue with your fact file. 

If you finished, there are some fronted adverbials sheets for you to have a look at.


Thursday – ‘The Tree Door’

Look at the image of ‘The Tree Door’

Then read the story starter from this, answer the questions about ‘The Tree Door’.   


Friday – SPAG Mystery!

Complete the SPAG mystery attached at the bottom.