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All the reading and writing activities this week are linked to the story

'Carrot Club'. 


Complete one of the reading comprehension activities below. Read the story text and then answer the related questions. There are 3 different levels (*Bronze, **Silver and ***Gold) so choose carefully. Remember, if you need help with the reading ask and adult or an older member of your family. 


Watch the story 'Carrot Club' and then create your own story map by drawing and adding notes or by using the cut and stick version provided. 

Carrot Club by a Twinkl Original


Lets write a character description today. What was Clive like at the beginning of the story and what was Clive like a the end of the story? Use the attached recording sheet for support. Remember to write in full sentences (At the beginning Clive was...) and use the key word section for support. 


The other vegetables in the supermarket are fed up with not being allowed in the exclusive 'Carrot Club'. Imagine you are Sally Sprout and write a letter to persuade the carrots to allow all the vegetables into their club.




Have fun completing the 'Carrot Club' word search and crossword. 



Continue to read and learn to spell all of the Year 1 and 2 'Common Exception' words.

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