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For your first lesson at home, you can still continue with what we would have been doing if we were at school. We had already discussed and started thinking about what we were going to do tomorrow anyway! So, for your first lesson, we would like you to write a summary of Secrets of a Sun King. It is a good job we managed to finish the book!


Here is a checklist to help you write your summary. Read all of the steps first before you start writing. Think about the main and the most important events from the story. Why don't you record them down first, perhaps in bullet points, so that you can work your way through them and cross them off as you do so.


The word limit for this is 500 words (approx 2 pages!). This might seem like a lot but once you get writing and once you consider the events from the book, it certainly isn't!




Thursday and Friday 


Let your imagination run wild! We want you to show off your writing skills and what you have learnt so far this year! Grab your pen or pencil and start creating your very own Christmas story!


What your story is about is completely up to you, as long as it is Christmas themed! 


Start by clicking on the link below to remind yourselves about how to write a story.

Here, you will find different information about planning and structuring your story, a setting, creating a character and thinking about your audience. Make sure you have a look at this information and watch the videos. 


In your own story, you should consider the characters, the setting, a build up, problem and climax and ending. I have attached a planning sheet below that might help you. 


Use the success criteria to help you as you would usually. Try to include as many features as you can! I have also attached the success criteria below as a separate document.



Have fun writing your story! Why don't you illustrate it if you have time? We look forward to reading them!