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Wednesday -  Determiners

Work through the PPT on determiners, so you are more aware of what they are and how to use them. Then complete the determiner detectives worksheet, there are three levels of this so choose which you find the best. Once you have done the questions, you can have a go at writing your own sentences with determiners. Perhaps you could write us a paragraph with sentences using determiners and conjunctions (from our work on Monday). 



Thursday - Fronted Adverbials 

Follow the links below to take you to some clips on fronted adverbials.

Once you have watched the videos, choose one of the sheets below (3 levels) where you must choose a main clause, and add detail using at least one adverbial phrase from the tables.

Friday - Bullet Points

A recap of bullet points. The link below will take you to some videos to recap on these. Your worksheet to complete on bullet points is below.