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What is a preposition? 

Click on the image above to find out more about prepositions. Watch the videos and read the information to remind yourself what a preposition is and how to use them. Then complete the Preposition activity attached below. 



Expanded Noun Phrases



Watch the video above to remind yourselves what an expanded noun phrase is- make sure you know what adjectives and determiners are too! Complete the activity that is attached below. Bronze, silver and gold are on the same document. Have a look at them before choosing your level of challenge- you never know, you might fancy a challenge!



Instructional Writing 


I have attached two WAGOLLs below for you- Rain Gauge Instructions and Immortality Potion. Have a look through them and identify specific language features relevant to instructional writing:


a title

an introduction 

bullet points or numbers



time conjunctions

imperative verbs

fronted adverbials 



Once you have identified the target features in those texts, have a go at following one of them (this could be done out of English time too!). Once you have done this, have a think about these questions:

How good are the instructions?

Did everything go to plan? 

What would you change about the instructions?