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Monday (SPaG)

Expanded Noun Phrases

This lesson should be revision for everyone as we have covered this learning before. Watch the clips below to help refresh you memory. There is also an information mat attached.

Clip 1 - Meet Dave

Still image for this video

Clip 2 - Dave's Cave

Still image for this video

Dave's Diet

Still image for this video


Now explain to an adult what an expanded noun phrase is and share examples. Below is an image of Rapunzel. Make a list of as many expanded noun phrases as you can based on the image. 

Finally test your knowledge with the quiz below. Click the image to take the quiz.



Watch the PowerPoint and story clip of Rapunzel and then create actions for the retelling just like we do in class.

Rapunzel Story


Watch the story of Rapunzel again if you need to and then create your own story map using pictures and key words. Remember to focus on the key parts of the story. Use the word map below to help you with your spellings. There is a template below or you can simply draw out your story map on paper. Remember to draw your pictures carefully and take care with your handwriting. 


Use your story map to help your retell the story of Rapunzel. Focus on writing the beginning and the middle of the story in the past tense. Use the success criteria below to make sure you include all the key features needed such as expanded noun phrases and connectives such as 'and'. Please try really hard to sound out carefully using 'Fred Fingers' and remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation correctly. You all try really hard in class to present your work to a 'take care' standard. Please try this hard at home making sure you form your letters carefully e.g. tall letters, long letters and short letters. Once you have written the beginning and middle of your story ask an adult to help you check back through your work for any mistakes including missing words. 



Write the end of your Rapunzel story and check back through it with an adult. Have you included all the features listed on the success criteria? If not could you edit (improve) your writing to include them?