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I have to say, some of your work last week was really impressive! I loved seeing your work on prepositions and expanded noun phrases and I especially loved seeing Leon O's potion that he made trying to follow the instructions on the WAGOLL! This week's English work will start by continuing on from last week so make sure you are up to date.


I have also attached a handwriting document. Don't worry about printing the sheets off, just use them for guidance. This can be completed in your own time.




Writing instructions 


Start by watching these two videos to help you understand how to write instructions:




Your job for today is to write your own instructions. You can write your instructions about whatever you fancy, but it should be something you could create at home. You might choose to write your instructions about how to make a cup of tea, bake a cake, making your own magic potion or creating something crafty. Don't forget to make your instructions clear and specific.


Here is a recap of the features your instructions should include:


a title

an introduction 

bullet points or numbers



time conjunctions

imperative verbs

fronted adverbials 





Evaluating your instructions 


Follow your instructions that you have written. As you follow them, evaluate their effectiveness. Think about these questions: 


Did they work?

Were you precise enough?

What worked well?

What would you change?

Did you encounter any surprises along the way?


Use your experience following your instructions to edit and improve your work. Why don't you ask somebody else in your house to read through them and check they are specific enough?




Fronted Adverbials 


Click on the two images below to find out more about fronted adverbials. You have all used these in your writing this year, you just need to remind yourselves what they are!




There are two activities attached below. Have a go at both of them. 


1. Sorting activity- Sort the list of adverbs into the correct columns: manner, place or time.


2. Complete the worksheet- choose an adverbial from the list to complete the sentences given. 


Challenge: to write 5 of your own sentences using the image that use a fronted adverbial.






Watch the following animation. Watch it through once, then watch it again so that you can focus on the boy, his thoughts and his emotions. 



Answer the following questions about the animation:



Create a flow chart showing the different parts and his emotions and feelings at each stage of the video. Look at the emotions vocab grid to help you think of some synonyms. 



Advantages of having a pet


Rewatch the video from yesterday to remind yourself of what happened. Make sure you know what the message behind the story is. 



When you have watched The Present animation, watch this video about a boy called Owen and his dog. 



Think about how the dog helped the boy. Think about the boy's confidence, what is means to have a special companion and the boy's wellbeing. Create a mindmap showing the advantages to having a pet or a therapy dog.


Challenge: How can having a pet inspire or help someone?