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This week, our reading and writing activities are based on Rapunzel! 





  • Watch one (or all) of the following versions of our story. 
  • Act out the story using actions just like we do in class. 
  • Can you retell the story using actions to someone at home?

  • Act out the story again using the actions you invented yesterday
  • Create your own Rapunzel story map using pictures and key-words
  • Act out the story using actions again
  • Complete your Rapunzel story map from yesterday using take care colouring and presentation
  • Retell the story of Rapunzel using your story map for support - make sure you are using the past tense
  • Focus on writing the beginning and the middle of your story 
  • Use the success criteria sheet for support - try and include the following features


enlightened Conjunctions 

enlightened Past tense

enlightened Expanded noun phrases 

enlightened Commas in a list 

Calm Music

Here is the calm music we listen to when we write in class!

  • Complete the ending of your story and then check back though your work for any corrections or improvements 
  • Ask an adult to help you check back through your work
  • Can you think of any improvements? Can you find 3 words to change and improve - For example, you could change the word big to gigantic
  • Can you decorate your piece of writing with a border and take care drawings?
  • Please send me a photo of your work on
  • I can't want to read them! 


If your child is on the Read, Write Inc program please watch the following video:

Each day, a 15-minute RWI lesson will be available on the following link. These will be available for 24 hours on the YouTube page. Also attached is the timetable of lessons. Enjoy smiley

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