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Below is an outline for your week if you have any questions or you are finding it tricky, let your teacher know so they can help you. You can do this on Teams using the logins you have been sent.

You should be able to do this independently, your parents do not need to work with you to complete it.

You do not need to print any work off, you can answer the questions on paper. Please write the date and title on the paper as you would do if you were in school. 

Enjoy, don't forget to send it to us! 


Week 2

Monday – Semi-colons

Follow the links to the two videos below that will tell you all about semi-colons, one will also give you a recap on colons. There is a quiz on one of them that you could have a go at!

Once you’ve gone through the videos, there is a worksheet for you to complete, choose which level you would prefer and work through the worksheet.


Grammar starter – Complete the synonyms and antonyms mini test, think carefully about what a synonym is and an antonyms, perhaps tell your parents first before you have a go at the starter.

Main activity – Can you find out about life in a rainforest?

Your task is to research life in a rainforest, try to find out, are there any tribes? What do people do for daily activities? What animals live there?

Below are some links for you that may help you, remember when you are creating a research page, you need the key parts, do not overload it as otherwise you will confuse yourself when you come to the next part.

I have also attached a couple of documents, one of them is an e-book and the other two are some information sheets.

You need to create a research page, how you choose to lay this out is up to you but we look forward to seeing how you present your research!

Rainforest Foundation UK


Grammar starter – Commas, work through the two sheets that have questions about commas, think carefully when we use commas. You may want to read some of the questions out loud because that sometimes makes it easier to know where to put the commas!

Main activity – You will need to use your research page from yesterday for todays activity. Look at the diary WAGOLL below, think about diary entries that we have written before and the important things that you need in a diary, particularly that it needs to be written in past tense and first person!

We would like you to write a short diary entry in the role of a child or an adult that lives in the rainforest, think about your life in the rainforest, what happens daily? What do you get to see? Remember it is important that you use the links, diary WAGOLL and the e-book as it will make your life a lot easier!

Don’t forget to send us your diary entry, we look forward to seeing it!


Grammar starter – Complete the prepositions mini test, watch the video below if you can’t quite remember what a preposition is!


Main activity – Pobble365

Look at the image below, the link is underneath the picture also.


Look at the image of the house in the rainforest, answer the questions about the picture:

  1. Do you think the house in the image is actually in the Malaysian rainforest? Give evidence to support your answer.
  2. Which continent is Malaysia in?
  3. If you were to stumble into the Malaysian rainforest, what plants and flowers might you come across? Name at least three examples with a description.
  4. Malaysian rainforests support a vast diversity of plant and animal life. Name three creatures you might come across.
  5. Who might live in a house like this? Explain your answer.
  6. Living in this house in the rainforest would be very different to living in a house in a city. Give three examples of how it would be different.
  7. If you lived in the Malaysian rainforest, what might a typical day be like for you and your family?


Extension/a little bit of fun:

We cannot see inside of the house in the rainforest so draw what you think it would look like inside, can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


Grammar starter – Complete the expanded noun phrases mini test, similar to yesterday, if you can’t remember what they are, follow the link below as it will remind you.

Main activity – Use all that you have learnt this week about rainforest, the life that people live in rainforests etc. You will also need to use your imagination which we know you have plenty of!

Here is your story starter:

Hidden deep in the Malaysian rainforest, is a house. Not an ordinary house of course…

Think carefully about what you will write, how you will continue this story, let your imagination run wild!

Continue the story, try write a page for us of your story, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!