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Monday – Relative clauses

Watch the video & PPT to talk you through and remind you what a relative clause is, just in case you have forgotten.

What are relative clauses? - BBC Bitesize

Once you have watched the video and gone through the PPT, the worksheet is below, there are two different activities:

Add a relative clause

Spot the relative clause


Grammar starter – Past and present tense mini test

Main activity – Homophones

Watch the below video that will tell you all about homophones, you will have heard of them before and this video should make it a bit clearer.

English KS2: Homophones - BBC Teach

Have a go at the two worksheets all about homophones, at least complete one but there is an extra one for you, if you need it.


Grammar starter: Relative clauses test

Use what you learnt on Monday about relative clauses to help you with this mini test activity.

Main activity:

Look at the picture below called ‘Disappearing World’. I think it’s a brilliant picture!

Before you look at the questions, take a good look at the picture, what can you see? What do you think has happened?

Question time:

Who is the figure in the distance? Do they have anything to do with the disappearance of the street?

Why do you think there is a door in the middle of the road?

Do you think there is anyone living in the houses? Why?

What do you think is underneath the road?

Here is the link for the picture as well: Disappearing World (

Answer the questions in full sentences, make sure you add detail to your answers!


Grammar starter: Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, you only need to complete one of the sheets, don’t think you need to do all three.

Main activity:

Look at the picture again, think about everything in the picture and all you could write. You are all brilliant at writing descriptive sentences so you need to do that with this. You have a checklist below to help you know what to include in each sentence, a bit like your slow writes!

1 x sentence with a preposition

2 x sentences with subordinating conjunctions

2 x sentence with a fronted adverbial

1 x sentence with a relative clause

2 x sentences with co-ordinating conjunctions

Use your imagination and write us some brilliant sentences! Look forward to reading them, make sure you underline what you have included, for example, the buildings were disappearing quickly but all you could see was the blinding light shining through the open door.


Grammar starter: Fronted adverbial mini test, use the video below to help remind you of what they are if you aren’t sure.

What is a fronted adverbial? - BBC Bitesize

Main activity:

Back to my favourite picture! Look again at the picture, it’s time for you to write us a story!


Use this story starter to help you:

Piece by piece, the street was disappearing.

In the distance a portal shone, sending soft, golden beams of light out across the evening sky. As the light kissed the clouds they blushed, becoming pink illuminations that stood and watched the street below like nosey spectators.

All that was now left of the street was the door. It was still open. There was still time. The figure in the distance began to run, but was he too late?

Think very carefully about how you can develop this story, this could turn into a bit of an exciting mystery story! Try and aim for a page, don’t forget, we want to see it. I can’t wait to see what stories you write.