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The main focus in English this week is to write a persuasive advert to persuade bugs to come and stay in your very own bug hotel that you created! 


Monday 25th January


Explore the features of an advert


First, we need to know what needs to be included in your advert to make it successful. Have a look at how estate agents try to sell houses: 



Look closely at the language that is used and why it is used. Would you want to buy a house that is described using boring adjectives?

As you have a look at the WAGOLLs below, annotate any language features you can spot- focusing on the language and vocabulary that has been used. Create a mind map showing the features of a persuasive advert! 


 Have your writing frame handy and start filling in the appealing adjectives box!

Tuesday 26th January


Writing descriptive sentences


Read through the information provided in the document attached. Often, estate agents start their sentences with a verb for added impact. Have a go at completing the sentences on the sheet by also using some of your appealing adjectives from yesterday's lesson. 

Next, create your own sentences about the house in the picture. Make sure your sentences start with a verb and include at least two adjectives!


Fill in the box "Verb sentence openers I could use" on your writing frame. 

Wednesday 27th January


Completing the writing frame


Today we are going to look at estate agent’s tips and tricks to persuade and convince people to buy the house. Read through the document attached  to find out what kind of tips and tricks they might use. 


Complete the rest of your planning sheet- remember to be specific to YOUR mini beast/bug hotel.


Thursday 28th January


My bug hotel


Today you are going to think more specifically about your own bug hotel.  

When estate agents write their persuasive adverts they always include the following information:


How many bedrooms there are?

What other rooms are in the house?

How big are the rooms?

What is the garden like?

Its exact location (what is it near to?)

What condition is it in? 

Other popular features (e.g. double glazing, central heating, a garage)


Create a mind map like the one below and add in as much detail as you can to describe your hotel. Use the question prompts to help you with your plan.  



Friday 29th January


Writing your persuasive advert


Today you can finally write your persuasive advert!! Use your completed writing frame and mind map to help you. Remember to use at least one example of all the different persuasive techniques you have learnt during the week. Remind yourself what the purpose of a persuasive advert is:





Remember, you need to try to convince your "audience" (the mini beasts) that your hotel is the BEST they could stay in and explain that it has everything that they might need! Why should they stay at your hotel instead of somebody else's? Either include a photo or draw a picture of your mini beast hotel to include in your advert!


Remember to check your work through for capital letters and punctuation.


There is a template attached below should you need one. 

For when you have finished any lessons and have some spare time left, I have also attached a "Spelling Menu." It is the same one you have seen before, but as you know, it is important to keep practising our spellings! Complete some of the activities for the rest of your "lesson!"