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Grammar starter – Modal verbs

Watch the video on modal verbs and complete the mini test.


This week you will be creating and writing your own report about a monster/character so you will need to use your imagination!

Read the WAGOLL, what do you learn about the monster? If there is any vocabulary that you are unsure of, then use a dictionary or your phone to research the meanings of them.

Main task: in our WAGOLL, there is some vocabulary that we may not know so we need to find the definitions, use a dictionary/phone to find the definition of the vocabulary. Once you’ve found the meaning of them, choose at least 5 and write some exciting sentences using this new vocabulary.



Grammar starter – informal and formal language, complete the mini test on recognising informal and formal language. Think carefully about it, I’ve attached a PowerPoint below to remind you of the difference between them if you can’t quite remember.


Main activity – Yesterday you spent time looking at a WAGOLL and understanding some different vocabulary. As told yesterday, you will be writing your own report/fact file about your own monster. In a lot of WAGOLLS that you might look at, they have sub-headings but this report doesn’t, it has something called topic sentences.

These sentences are like little introductions to the paragraphs allowing you to add more details than you would in a simple heading.

Can you spot these in the WAGOLL? What do the topic sentence introduce?

You’ve been given 3 images and you need to write topic sentences for each of the images, you may need to use your imagination for some of them if you aren’t sure, you could always do a bit of research to write your answers but imagination is going to be key to this week!


Grammar starter – prefix revision

Watch this clip if you are not too sure about prefixes but I’m sure you are.


Main activity – It’s time for you to come up with your own ideas!  The choices are endless, have a look at the pictures in the pdf below to give you some inspiration. We know how imaginative you all are so we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

You need to draw your monster and label it using the headings given to you on the image inspiration sheet, you don’t need to go into loads of detail as that is what your planning sheet is for but at least give us some detail about who your monster is.

Have fun!


Handwriting starter – it is incredibly important that you still take care and practice your handwriting, have a look at the handwriting pdf attached below and how they’ve joined the letters. You don’t need to print the sheet off but you do need to pay close attention to the joins.


Main activity – Planning time! Now that you’ve created your monster, you need to plan your report. Using the subheadings from yesterday, plan your report. Don’t forget when you plan you don’t need to go into lots of details, just the main points.

Reminder of your subheadings:







Quotations from an expert


Grammar starter – Fix the sentence! Read the sentences carefully and you need to re-write them correctly, it might be that they are missing capital letters, punctuation or even some spelling mistakes or all 3!


Main activity – It is time for you to write your report. Think carefully about how you want to set this out, you can be creative in your layout as long as you include the main details about them that you planned for.

We look forward to reading them.