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Watch the story 'Nights and Dragons Unite!' and read the story PowerPoint. Then complete the cut and stick story map. If you don't have a printer just discuss the story with an adult or draw your own story map. 

Knights and Dragons, Unite


Complete the 'Knights and Dragons Unite!' reading comprehension below. There are 3 levels of challenge indicated by a star at the bottom of the page. Please choose the challenge that best fits your reading ability.

   * = Bronze 

   ** = Silver 

   *** = Gold 

Wednesday (SPaG)

There are two activities for you to choose from today. Feel free to complete one or both of the activities.


1 - Complete the 'Nights and Dragons Unite!' challenge cards. You will need to read through the story PowerPoint to help you find some of the answers.

2 - Recap your understanding of the 4 different types of sentences by reading through the support mat below. Then complete the sentence activity about dragons using the sheet provided. If you don't have a printer simply write your answers on paper.




How could you describe the two dragons in the picture below? For example, you could describe their teeth, wings, colour, tail, claws or size. Your task is to think of at least five descriptive sentences to describe the dragons. This is a great opportunity to include 'expanded noun phrases' within your sentences. Attached below, are some dragon description cards. Use these cards to help add an extra description to your sentences. Your challenge is to include at least one word from the description cards in each of your sentences. There are words such as 'terrifying' and 'enormous'


Watch the story 'Knights and Dragons Unite!' again to help refresh your memory on the plot. You could always read the PowerPoint if you wish. Then complete the book review. There is a template attached or simply answer the questions on paper. I'm interested to see if you enjoyed the story or not and why!