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Monday 1st February




Read through the document attached to find out more about kennings and how to write one. See if you can guess what the kennings are describing! 


Your job for today is to write your own. Look on pages 3 and 4 to see how to set your work out!


Try to include some alliteration in your kenning! 

Tuesday 2nd February


Writing limericks 


Like yesterday, work your way through the document attached. Find out all about limericks!

There are some examples for you to look at, some limericks to have a go at completing and then it will be time to write your own- all about an insect! Use the steps on the document to help you build up some ideas for your own limerick.

I hope you enjoy writing these as I know you all have such a great sense of humour! 


Wednesday 3rd February


Building tension and suspense 


Today, you will be looking at creating tension and suspense. Below are some images to remind you what similes and metaphors are. You should use these in your writing today! 

Write your own paragraph today to show how good are you are creating tension and suspense, using three main techniques:

shot sentences

similes and metaphors



Make your writing even better by trying to show me rather than tell me! 



Thursday 4th February


Suspense writing 


Now you have learnt some techniques for writing suspense, listen to how the author Malorie Blackman creates suspense:




On the document attached, you can also find an extract from "Hacker." 


Complete the planning task on the document.

Friday 5th February


Writing a descriptive passage


Watch the following clip- the children have been shrunk by their dad’s machine and they are in the front garden. A scorpion attacks them and an ant comes to the rescue. The scene is full of action and suspense. 


Your challenge is to describe the scene from the point of view of one of the characters. You need to create suspense by using the strategies and techniques you have been learning in the last two days. Work your way through the document attached. You know I don't like giving you an exact aim for the length of your writing e.g. 2 pages, as it always depends on the quality of the content of your writing, but please treat this piece of writing as you would do if you were in school!