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Today you are going to be learning about comparative and superlative adjectives, these will come in very handy when you complete the work for the rest of the week. 
There are two PowerPoints attached to help your understanding.

There is also a video that is linked below.

You then have two worksheets to complete. 



Starter – Complete the worksheet on comparative and superlative adjectives.


This week we have an exciting task for you! You are going to be creating a new product! I'll explain more about that later. When you've created your product you'll be producing a persuasive advert. To be able to create your own persuasive advert you need to learn more about the features of them so that is your task today!


Main activity – Go through the different PowerPoints on persuasive adverts, this will allow you to understand the different features of an advert. 

Task 1 – Complete the persuasive matching task, you are given the features and the meaning but they are all jumbled up so you need to cut them out and match them up.

Task 2 – To identify the persuasive techniques in an advert, using the 3 adverts that are below. Complete the worksheet on identifying features.


Starter – Fix the spelling mistake, you need to correct the spellings in the sentences, on the second half of the worksheet you need to identify the incorrect spelling and correct it.


Main activity - NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!


You now have the exciting task of creating a new product that you will create an advert for. It can be any product you want, it could be a snack, a new game, a new trainer, some clothing. Think about something that you like and how you could turn this into a new product! You need to create a product that you want to sell and would be proud to sell.

You need to draw this product and label it so that we are able to understand more about this product because you can’t create an advert without knowing the ins and outs of it!! 

Have fun!



Starter – Commonly confused words – complete the worksheet.


Main activity – You’ve worked so hard on creating your product, you need to now think carefully about the layout of your advert. Look back at the WAGOLLS from Tuesday, what did you like about the layout of those? What did you think could be better? You need to plan out how your advert is going to look so that it will be perfect on Friday. There are lots of things to consider for your advert as you found out when you looked at the different features of an advert. Remember, it's got to be catchy!

This is your plan for your advert so it doesn't have to be perfect but you need to be truly ready to WOW and persuade us on Friday to buy your product. I've attached below a planner sheet that you might want to use to write down your ideas.



Main activity – Today is the day!

After planning your advert yesterday and paying close attention to learning about the layout of an advert, you now need to create your advert. Think carefully about the colours that you choose as well because it needs to be eye-catching. Nobody will want to buy your product if you’ve not even interested them with the advert.  Use your plan from yesterday to support you in this. Be creative in the way you advertise it. I've attached below a PDF that reminds you of the features and how to include them in your writing. Remember to include a lot of detail about your product especially as it is new. Below is a mini sort of checklist so that you remember what to include. 


We look forward to seeing them! See if you can persuade us to buy your new product!