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English overview



Starter – Complete the handwriting practice

Main activity – Active & Passive voice.

Go through the two PPTS, these will explain what active & passive voice is. Then complete the worksheet (complete two of the sheets) on active & passive voices where you need to change them into one and then the other.



Starter – Active & Passive voice starter


Main activity – Look at the image below and answer the questions underneath the image.

Remember to answer in full sentences! 




How do you think the boy in the jeep is feeling?


What has caused the jeep to stop moving?


Why is he all alone and being chased by a dinosaur?


Are there other dinosaurs or people close by?


How will the boy manage to escape?


If you could bring back the dinosaurs, would you?



Starter – Modal verb starter

Main activity – Look at the picture again:



Now to write some sentences about this image, each of the sentences must contain something, you are told what they are below, make the sentences exciting!!




Starter - Fix the spelling mistake (sheet 1)

Main activity

Read the WAGOLLS below of setting descriptions, if there is no picture with it, can you picture it in your head? If you can, you know it’s a good setting description! Once you've read the WAGOLLS you are set to plan your own setting description for the image you've been looking at all week.



Use the planning sheet attached at the bottom. 






As the multiple moons exchanged places with the sun in the now azure sky, a misty haze began to form under the canopy of swaying, rugged trees. What was this place? Why was it so eye catching? Curling around thick spiraling branches were constricting vines, which braced and creaked. Dangling down from the layer of moss, vast, bold leaves flickered like church candle flames in breeze. Sweet scented pollen drifted through the archways created by the curving branches which created halos of light above and below.

However, the most delightful sight was the strange, exotic, unfamiliar plants which glowed bright neon colours. Sapphire, ruby and emerald pierced the sometimes dull surroundings - filling it with a song of life and colour. In addition, these supernatural forms danced and twisted as though keeping in time to some silent, environmental rhythm. This magical place was truly special, because even in the chaos of the natural surroundings, (where vines choked vines and branches beat down branches) it was perfect! It was hypnotizing! Although, there was still a sense that perhaps this was all a mask for a darker presence…



The jungle is a hot and steamy world where enormous trees loom up to the sky, lush vegetation, ferns and fungi thrust up from the forest floor, and vines and lianas curl around the tall trunks, reaching eagerly towards the high canopy. Buttress and stilt roots sprawl across the shallow soil. Orchids burst into incredible swirls of colour and form, frogs and butterflies flaunt vibrant hues, emerald snakes glisten, parrots soar in a blaze of orange, scarlet, blue and green while hummingbirds probe exotic flowers for nectar. Toucans and birds of paradise add to this amazing colour spectrum. A myriad of plants and animals find their own special niche in this kaleidoscope of life and energy.





Starter – Fix the spelling mistake


Main activity – Look back carefully at your planning sheet, look at the image again and begin to write your setting description. This is a very detailed image, you can also use your sentences from Wednesday to help.


I look forward to reading your setting descriptions, make sure you use a variety of sentence starters, prepositions etc. Use the checklist below to help you if you aren’t sure what you are suppose to include: