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Monday 22nd February


Look at Lesson One of Oak National Academy – What is a Non-Chronological Report?



Have a look at the sheet which explains what a non-chronological report is and then read through the WAGOLL- an information text about the pyramids of ancient Egypt.


Write a paragraph to explain what a non-chronological report is. Imagine you are talking to someone who doesn’t know what one is and you are just trying to explain what it is.


Next copy out the key features of a non-chronological report. Use the list attached to help you as well as the image below.


Re-read the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt report and underline the key features (use a colour coding system like we do in class). For example, underline all the subheadings in green and all the present tense verbs in red.


Tuesday 23rd February


Portia Spiders


Have a look at lesson 4 on Oak National Academy- To learn about the Portia Spider. 



On the worksheet below, there are lots of facts on the about portia spiders but they haven’t been organised in sections. Sort the sentences into the correct subheadings. You can do this by cutting and sticking or by writing out the sentences.

Wednesday 24th February


Developing vocabulary 


Follow the Oak National Academy lesson, focussing on vocabulary. 



Once you have completed the Oak Academy lesson, watch this video about a spider with three super powers!



Make notes as you watch the video, then create a mind map showing all of the facts you have learned about the spider in the video. Challenge: to uplevel the words using a thesaurus (either a physical one or an online one).

Thursday 25th February


Planning your introduction 



Today you are going to plan the introduction of your report on portia spiders. The introduction needs to explain to the reader WHAT or WHO you’re writing about WHERE you find it and possibly WHEN you find it and HOW many there are. It should be brief and not too detailed (because the detail comes in the rest of the report).


Read through the example introduction to another creature and see if you can spot the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW many parts.


Scroll down to help you structure your own sentences about portia spiders.

Friday 26th February


Writing your introduction 


Today's Oak Academy lesson will help you to write the opening to your non-chronological report. 



Today, you are going to write the introduction to your report. Use your sentences from yesterday’s lesson, along with any additional information you would like to include. Remember the introduction should not go into too much detail. For example, you can mention that it eats insects (but don’t go into detail about the animals it eats or how it catches its prey) and you can mention the countries that it lives in (but don’t go into detail about its habitat). 


DON'T go rushing ahead and carrying on with your report! Stick to the opening!