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Week beginning: 4th May 


I hope you are keeping busy and finding the work okay. 


This week you have a few different tasks. 

You have a grammar booklet, which has an activity a day, the answers are attached in a separate booklet. 


Similar to previous weeks, you have a reading booklet, which has 5 different texts in it along with questions and the answers so that you can see how you have got on. 


Lastly, you have a writing booklet, this will allow your creative juices to start flowing, it starts with the game 'The City of Silence' and then you will use the ideas that come out of that to do a variety of activities: writing short poems, trying some descriptive writing, giving feedback to writers, being a teacher, doing some artwork and finally publishing or performing our work. This booklet will last you for two week so don't rush to do all the activities at once. 


If you have any questions or want to share any of your work then send us an email: 


Have a good week smiley