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The activities are a bit mixed this week. There will be some 'SPAG' (spelling, punctuation and grammar), comprehension revision and also a bit of letter writing. 



  • Complete one of the reading comprehension activities below 
  • Could you challenge yourself and complete both?
  • Each comprehension activity has 3 challenge levels indicated by a star at the bottom of the page
  • Choose the challenge level that best fits your reading ability

* = Bronze 

** = Silver

*** = Gold

Tuesday and Wednesday

I bet you have all been missing your friends and school over the past 8 weeks. I have really missed seeing everyone in Frog Class and also all the other teachers. The staff in year 2 thought it would be nice if you could all spend some time writing a letter to your class. The letter could be addressed to 'Everyone in Frog Class' and detail what you have been doing during your time at home. You could draft out your letter first and then ask an adult to help you check and improve it before writing it up in best. You could then decorate your letter with drawings of your friends, pictures of rainbows etc. to help make it look even more amazing! I have attached information about how to write a letter, a copy of my letter and the success criteria. All of these will help your write the best letter you can! 


Once your letter is complete you could take a photograph of it and email it over. It would be lovely to display your letters on our home learning page so we can all read them! 


**** Please include the school address on the top right of your letter rather than your personal one! ****


  • Complete one of the SPAG mats below 
  • Pick between the Bronze, Silver or Gold Challenge


  • Have some fun today!


Continue to read and learn to spell all of the Year 1 and 2 'Common Exception' words.


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